hi, i have a few questions :-)

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hi, i have a few questions :-)
Thu, 01-15-2009 - 8:32pm

i really wanted a natural birth but the baby has turned breech and my doc says that ive got a 5% chance of him turning back around so im probably going with a c-section.

i was just wondering about a couple things...

1. is breastfeeding more dificult after a c-section?
2. do you get pain meds after the surgery to deal with the incision pain?(im a baby)
3. does it hurt holding the baby after surgery?

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Fri, 01-16-2009 - 7:31am

COngrats on your upcoming addition.

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Fri, 01-16-2009 - 1:01pm

Hi and welcome! Congratulations on expecting a little


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Tue, 01-20-2009 - 2:36pm
I breasfed right after and my biggest issue was finding a comfortable position.
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Tue, 01-20-2009 - 5:22pm
I'm not sure about b.f. or holding the baby afterward. My little guy went to the NICU because he was 5 weeks early. My doctor was very proactive in pain control. I got a dilauded PCA pump (I could give myself an injection for pain every so often as needed for 24 hous) Then I got a very generous order for percocet and ibuprophen. You might want to ask your doctor


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Wed, 01-21-2009 - 9:20pm

Hello and Congratulations!

I had a C-Section with my first after being 11 days late, 12 hours of labor, 6 hours of pitocin without any progression.


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