how do you mentally prepare for csection

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how do you mentally prepare for csection
Tue, 06-17-2003 - 9:51pm
I am facing my third c section in late Sept./early Oct. I keep thinking about the recovery time I'm facing and am so dreading it! Even though I know that the worst part will be over in a week or so, I just keep thinking about the fact that it's major surgery, how its hard to get up the next day, the bleeding, pain, etc. Sorry to be so graphic for mom's who haven't had your c sections yet. It's really not THAT bad, I'm probably just making it worse in my mind and I need to know how to prepare and not make it worse than it really is by dwelling on it. Any advice welcomed - thanks!
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Tue, 06-17-2003 - 11:54pm
Sweetie, you will do fine. I go for my 2nd c/s on thursday. the part i dread the most ( and the part that only lasts less than 5 min) is the spinal and the bladder cath. Yes it sucked not being able to move about afterwards ( the c/s) but I had a beautiful baby ! You will do fine. Take lots of support with you for the other children and enjoy getting pampered and enjoy the PAIN meds ! And if the strong stuff is bad for ya, just take tylenol- that is what i did. best of luck norma #2 6-19-03 edd was 6-30
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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 1:07pm
Good luck to you! I have my third section on Monday morning. I find myself fretting just asmuch as you. Yes, I do believe that we are making this all more difficult by worrying. You know how that goes, the more you think about it, the worse it all seems. You have a while yet before you deliver. Try not to let this consume your thoughts. You will be just fine. I understand what you are facing. Good luck!

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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 5:18pm
I think they best way to prepare is to get lots of rest before hand, and make sure your "nesting" is in order -LOL. Seriously, I was on bed rest the last two weeks of my second pregnancy, and the recovery went really well. I think part of that was because I was so rested. I also had lined up lots of help, made dishes to freeze, etc. Knowing that some things will be taken care of before you have the c/s helps you mentally I think.

Also, I hear with each c/s, it gets easier. Perhaps the body just remembers what to do. I also had less pain the second time. Not sure why.

Best wishes to you. They weeks will fly by believe me!


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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 6:23pm
I am finding myself feeling that way too. I will have my third c-section in late Oct./beginning Nov. Mine was opposite, my first c-section was easy, and my second one was extremely hard. I am hoping since this one is planned that this will make it alot easier to prepare for. I think we are all guilty of making it seem worse than what it may be. Not that going through that is very easy either. But you will be fine and will have a new miracle in your arms before you know it. Good luck to you!

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Sat, 06-21-2003 - 12:35am
Best of luck to you on Monday ! Won't it be great to finally meet your little one ! When you get a chance, I would love to see a post about how the c section went, how your new baby is, how he or she is blending into your family, etc .

Thanks so much for your response !

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Sat, 06-21-2003 - 12:40am
Thanks to everyone for the supportive responses ! It's nice to know that I'm not alone in these feelings and to be reminded of the beautiful gift I'm going to have at the end.

I think for me (as usual), the best way to get through it is just to accept the fact that it's going to happen, try not to think too much about the bad parts, and focus on the REALLY good part - my new daughter ! I'm especially happy since I have two wonderful sons and can't wait for the joys of another child and the joy of having a daughter now too!