How long is recovery after c-section

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How long is recovery after c-section
Fri, 01-09-2009 - 5:19pm
Hello all, Im 45 and found out I was pregnant and the baby is due in two weeks however after 2 ultra sounds and my own knowledge the baby has spent the whole pregnancy transverse. So now they finally are talking a c-section, IM SCARED I have had 3 live births two of the babies were 10 plus and 9 pounds one natural one epiderial that did not take and my middle child a mear 7 pounds with just something to relax me. But I have hard so much about a c-section and have a few questions : Like can we breast feed right away. When is it safe to start lite exercise such as walking, I heard you can't drive for a time ? And the biggest problem is that I had a hernial at the belly button repared when my gall bladder was taken out and I was told if they are not careful they can damage that and I would have to go back in. so HELP with any info would be great....Thanks and good luck to all.
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Fri, 01-09-2009 - 6:05pm

Hi and welcome! Congratulations on expecting a little bundle of joy!!

I hope that things go well with your C Section and that you find out that it's not as bad as you think! I just had my third C section -- and the first one that was scheduled. It went great! I was able to breastfeed right after the baby was born... and have had no problems. In terms of walking or exercise, you should be able to get up and out of bed about 12 hours after your C section - it will be painful, but you will gradually improve over the following days. I'm currently 11 days post my section and I'm walking around fine up and down stairs and have very little pain. Making sure that you stay on top of your pain medication in the first week -- it is very important!!

Full exercise can start around 6 weeks PP just to make sure that you are fully healed internally.

Driving - my doc said not to drive for the first week unless it's an emergency. Some will advise longer so be sure to talk to you doc about it.

Good luck with everything! Drop in and let us know how it goes!!!



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Mon, 01-12-2009 - 10:14am

I am 44 and had my 2nd c-section 6 weeks ago.


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Wed, 01-14-2009 - 2:22am
Wow! I guess my doctor is just strict!! I was slower to recover with my oldest, it took about 2 weeks before I was up and walking like normal. *I was in a hunched position until then, but ti hurt to stand up straight!* with my second, I was piddling around the hospital *albeit slowly* just hours after delivery. By the time I was released, I was moving like I had never had a c-section. *Back in my regular jeans a weeks after!!! Proud of me :) * With my oldest, I had to wait in recovery for an hour, I had an epidural with him. After my second, I had a spinal block so the just wheeled me into my room and I was able to begin breastfeeding and bieng his mommy after they were finished with him in the nursery. My doctor always recomended that I wait at least 4 weeks before engaging in sexual activity and at least 3 weeks for driving. Of course, he finally told me that if I could move my arms up and down very rapidly *I guess to simulate an accident??* without pain or discomfort then I could drive. The only problem they have with driving is if you get into an accident, your abdominal muscles will tighten and then trying to control your steering may possibly case a tear in the insicion site and the stitches. I was also recomended for the first 4 weeks or so to refrain from lifting anything much heavier than the baby and his carseat. With my oldest, I adheared to these like glue, but with my second, I was driving mere days after bieng released from the hospital *I delivered Monday morning and was released Thursday afternoon. The following monday, I drove myself 30 miles to school and then back home* I also had sex like maybe 3 weeks PP *of course DH had to be really careful and not go as deep as normal. TMI, I know*. When I was released from the hospital, I went home and cleaned my house.