how to make a decision on c/s vs VBAC

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how to make a decision on c/s vs VBAC
Thu, 05-22-2003 - 1:52pm
I am unsure as to how to make the decision on if i need to have a c/s or can i try VBAC. I had my first c/s since my daughter was breech. This one is way low, i feel like it is always pushing my bottom area. My first daughter was 8lb 13ounces. How do i make the decision? please help


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Thu, 05-22-2003 - 2:39pm
Hi Shilpa

Here are my suggestions for how to make your vbac/c-s decision:

Look at your reason for c/s- how likely is it to reoccur in a subsequent birth? Since yours was for breech, it's unlikely to reoccur. In fact, They often stay that babies born via c/s for breech have the highest success of vbac simply because breech isn't likely to happen again (unless your uterus is a very strange shape, preventing baby from getting into the vertex position).

Look at your situation- is it possible to have a vbac with your current doctor/hospital? Do you have vbac friendly doctors/midwives available? Vbac friendly hospital/would you consider homebirth? Some people are having increasingly more difficulty finding hospitals/doctors/etc who are willing to work with vbac patients. It's important to know what your choices are should you decide for vbac. Most of them will do ercs without question if you've had a previous c/s, but if you opt for this, you'll want to make sure you choose someone who is a competent surgeon.

and the most important- READ READ READ-- read about the risks of vbac, read about the risks of c/s and decide which set of risks is more comfortable for you. Some sites I like are the International Cesarean Awareness Network website (, and the vbac board ( has some great links at the top to get you started reading about vbacs and c/s and the risks. Each birthing method carries with it its own set of risks, and you need to be aware of them and which ones are more comfortable to you. Some women find the tiny risk of uterine rupture during vbac (.5% if you start labor spontaneously-- if you go vbac, definitely do all you can to avoid an induction, which increases that risk significantly) to be too much, others find the risk of maternal death or fetal injury in a c/s to be too much. I personally was way more comfortable with the risks of vbac over c/s, but it needs to be your INFORMED choice.

some women also take into account the concerns with recovery-- a c/s recovery in general takes a lot longer than a vbac recovery, and with at least one child at home, some women consider this very important. Others look at the risk of the mother dying- higher with a c/s (although still *extremely* unlikely) and decide that it's more important to their children at home to take the route less likely to result in maternal death. It's also important to note that each c/s you have increases your risks in future pregnancies to have complications during pregnancy and even infertility issues. For some women, laboring seems more risky- especially if they labored before their first c/s and weren't able to deliver for whatever reason. SO I say READ and educate yourself on your options and your risks and go from there.

Good luck making your decision-- whichever you decide, you'll be in good company!


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