How many???

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How many???
Sat, 02-28-2004 - 2:07am
How many C-Sections have you all been told you are allowed to have....

I only have 1 daughter right now, and dont want a lot of children but I was just curious....



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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 9:43am
Well, each woman is different and each doctor is different, so it really does depend on you and your doctor.

Each time I have a c-section I ask the doctor how my uterus looks. So far it has held up and I've been told that I could handle another couple of pregnancies.

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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 9:45am

Hi Sayler, I have had 3 so far and my dr said during the surgery and at my 6 week check up that I was good to have another if I so desired, but there are women who are told it wouldn't be safe to have more than 3.

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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 2:20pm
i just had c/s #3 last friday, it was by far the easiest one i've had. my mother had me, my sister and my brother by c/s as well, and that was in the 80s with the old classic vertical incision.

there is a lady on the "ton of kids" board who has 13 children. i've seen her website, it is a huge, beautiful family. anyway, she had her first 5 vaginally, and then her last EIGHT by c/s! she is pregnant again and has said that she's had doctors who were very discouraging and acted as if it were dangerous, and she's had doctors who are very supportive and think everything is fine. i think that when you get up into 6 or more kids, there are risks about the uterus thinning/rupturing whether you have c sections or natural, and that's where you get into every woman being different.


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Sat, 02-28-2004 - 11:53pm
My OB advises 3, which we had already decided 3 was enough for us so we didn't get any lectures or anything, just agreement from our OB. :) I know that alot of women get more than that, and if you happen to be pregnant, well, your OB can hardly object to that, but my medical advice was 3. I don't regret the choice either :)


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Sun, 02-29-2004 - 12:43am
You know Ann, I have never thought about asking them how my uterus looks while they're in there! That's a good idea you got there!! :o)

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