I am obsessing over complications, help

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I am obsessing over complications, help
Fri, 01-30-2009 - 9:00am

Hi ladies,

I have never posted on this board but lurk frequently.

I am having my 3rd csec in about 3 months and I am getting terrified. My first two kids are older so it has been a loooong time since I have had this procedure. I had no complications with the first two. I am more worried this time. I started having major anxiety disorder about 5 yrs ago, mainly my anxiety lies with fear of death.

The more I think about potential, yet very unlikely, complications the more I freak out. Some days I regret even getting prego, just because of the birth. Mainly my csec fears center around infections, blood clots, too much blood loss......you get the idea. All major complications with bad outcomes.

Ugg....I have an appointment in a couple of weeks to schedule the date, so that has me freakin. I want to go over all my fears with the doc then, but I am afraid my emotions will go over board and I will sound like a crying idiot. Is it out of line for me to ask him to (if these things aren't automatic now since my last csecs) give me antibiotics before surgery? I would also like those stockings on my legs, that most people have anyway after other major surgery, that help prevent bloodclots? Due to the blood clot fear, I plan to get up by that same night, because I read that helps prevent them. Will he just think I'm crazy? Anything else I should ask for?

I do realize that severe complications are rare, but......if you have ever suffered from anxiety you know that reality doesn't always do enough to comfort us. So...not really sure what I'm asking you ladies to say that will make me feel better....guess just any suggestions would be helpful, and knowing I am not alone.

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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 1:18pm

I totally think that the questions that you are asking are normal!! And I wouldn't hesitate to talk with your doctor about how you are feeling and all those questions that you listed. Understandng your anxiety about the procedure is part of where you are medically and he should take that into account when he treats you.

Furthermore - the questions that you have and the "wants" that you have for your procedure are great. I do think most of them are standard now, but be on the safe side and ask to make sure you get what you want!!

Just keep reminding yourself that the chance of having any of these majori side effects is fairly small. YES, they do happen, but as you mentioned in your post


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Fri, 01-30-2009 - 10:23pm

welcome to the board and welcome out of lurkdum.... I can understand why you would be scared, it is major abdominal surgery and there are risks as there are with every surgery, but there are risks for every birth, vag or c-section, the risks are just different depending on the birth and the woman.

I would highly recommend you get into the doctor as soon as you can and discuss these fears and anxiety you are feeling, I am sure that they are aware of your anxiety in the past and if they are not please do discuss this with them in detail. They can help you, the OR staff will be able to help you as well.

Just be sure to talk about it, if you stay silent you will be suffering alone and that is just a horrible thought.

Please do talk to your doc and please keep us posted. Again welcome to the board and congrats on the upcoming arrival of your new addition.


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Tue, 02-03-2009 - 10:10am

I am scheduled for my 3rd C-Section on March 31st & like you i am so scareddd of all the complications & risk. I never really had a bad experience with my other 2 C-Sections but Im still scared cause this is my 3rd & I dont know anyone else that has had 3. I read things online & get more scared, i know i shouldnt read things online but i do it anyways. I asked for a VBAC but my Dr wont do it! =

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Mon, 02-09-2009 - 3:35pm

I got really panicky during my daughter's birth.