Incision numbness/ pregnancy

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Incision numbness/ pregnancy
Mon, 03-29-2004 - 10:00am

I had my c/s in April of 2002. For a long time after it, I experienced some numbness in the area around my incision. I was actually thankful for it becasue I think it helped my recovery not to feel a whole lot! Anyway, as the Dr predicted, the nerves satrted feeling again as time passed and I actually forgot all about the numbness until recently.

I am now 7 months pg. My belly is starting to itch below by the incision. But when I scratch it, it feels numb and wierd! Has anyone else experienced this? Is the numbness returning because my belly is stretching?

Also, for those who had the numbness I described, does it always recur with future c/s? I kinda think that may be why I did not need any pain meds besides advil after my surgery. This time, my Dr will be cutting out the old scar to try and get a better heal this time. The incision looks great, but it pulls at my skin in a really wierd way.

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