Intro & 2 Qs re:incision care

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Intro & 2 Qs re:incision care
Sun, 04-12-2009 - 12:24am

Hi ladies!

My name is Steffie, and this is my second c-section. I had one with my DS (born 09-09-07) since he was on an angle and wouldn't come out vaginally, and a repeat with my DD (04-08-09) after a few complications.

My questions are in regards to incision care...

Have any of your tried incision treatment creams or oils? Any work? I didn't use anything special after my first section, but am seriously considering using one now after my second since I believe the scar might be more noticeable. I've been debating buying the Mambino Organic Scar Therapy Oil (

My other question is whether or not you found a belly cincher/bandit/binder helpful post-delivery. I have the Belly Bandit, but haven't been able to use it yet since my staples are still in and my doctor advised me to wait until after they are removed (on Monday).

Thanks a bunch,



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Sun, 04-12-2009 - 11:38pm

Steffie - Congratulations on your new little girl. I hope you are enjoying her.

Unfortunately I can't comment on either of your questions. All I've used on my belly is lotion and it hasn't been great on the stretch marks. I'm fotunate in that my scar is very small and really fades quickly. My doctor has always been impressed with how well I heal.

If you decide to do either of these things can you let us know how it goes and if you'd recommend it or not?