Introducing Evelyn Joan Marie

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Introducing Evelyn Joan Marie
Mon, 09-29-2008 - 6:30pm

Hello everyone! I finally found some time to pop in here, and I see a couple of you were asking about me, so here is my post before I get busy again!

Short Story: Evelyn Joan Marie made her entrance here via scheduled c/s at 6:44 p.m. on September 16th. She was 10lbs 6 3/4oz, and 22 1/2 " She is just beautiful (I'll post pictures in a bit) and is nursing like a pro. I am doing very well too.

Long Version: The day before my scheduled section I finished up everything I wanted to get prepared before the baby.. I Made another meal for freezing, finished some laundry, got my bags all packed and by the evening was just folding a few things so that my DH didn't have to worry about it while I was in the hospital. While sitting down and folding, I had a few contractions, that I was certain were not the regular Braxton Hicks. I felt like it was the very early stages of labour, but didn't think too much of it as I was only 39 weeks, and I have never gone into labour that early. We went to bed around 11:30 and as usual I was up through the night having to go pee, or change my position because I was uncomfortable. However, each time I went to the bathroom I realized I was starting to lose my mucous plug, and anytime I've lost my plug I was in labour within 24 hours, so I knew that my baby was definitely getting ready to come out! With losing my plug and having periodic real contractions I was in no doubt. We got ready the next morning as planned with my dealing with the occasional contraction (about 1 every 45 min). We arrived at the hospital for 12:00 since my c/s was scheduled for 2:00. Once we were admitted I got settled into triage where they monitored me while waiting to go into the operating room. Turns out my contractions were pretty strong and baby was looking fantastic. Unfortunately, that day ended up being the busiest of the whole week, and my section kept getting bumped back. I was really hungry since I hadn't eaten anything past 11:30 the night before, and we didn't go in for the section until after 6.

After clarifying that I DIDN'T want anything else touched once they got in there, meaning don't go tying any tubes or anything, the anaesthetist came in and got started with my spinal. I was really happy with him, as I had had him for one of my other c/s too, and he was great. Also, my OB wasn't doing the c/s as her shift ended at 5 so I had a different OB, but again, I was totally fine with who I got as he had done a previous c/s too and he did a great job, so I was fully confident in him. I also was thrilled to hear that they were going to let me have a few things my way during the c/s. They were fine with lowering the screen so I got to watch my baby get delivered, and I was the one who got to announce if it was a boy or girl!! It really was an emotional time and I was so overwhelmed with feeling when I actually got to announce it that my voice broke right in the middle of saying she was a girl!!! I got to see them lift this chubby face out from my belly and I saw a beautiful head of hair, and they turned her around for me to see what sex she was and I had to look for a few extra seconds to make sure that there weren't any boy parts!! I was so certain that I was having a boy that I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing, lol!! They cleaned her up and unstrapped my arms so I could hold her and the anaesthetist took pictures of me, DH and our new little girl right there on the operating table. We also had one of the nurses take video of the delivery for us, unfortunately she messed up and didn't get the delivery but we do have some of her first cries on video so I won't complain. They tried their best for us and I couldn't have asked for a better team to be with me there.

Other than the birth of our DD, the best news I got was that the OB when examining my uterus said it was in terrific shape!!! After 5 c/s he said I could have a couple more kids with no problem!! I was so happy to hear that, especially since previous to this c/s I had been told that it would be foolishly risky to have any more kids since my uterus was thin, and could barely be sewn back together. So to be told such good news was a blessing indeed!!!

So after sewing me up, I got to hold my little Evelyn all the way back to recovery (another request that the surgery team granted for me!) and after doing a few initial checks on me, and weighing and measuring baby, I got to start nursing. She took to it right away! I came home after 2 days, and only had to take tylenol and ibuprofen to deal with pain. Recovery has been fairly quick and I only have 5 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (something which NEVER happens for me, lol)

Okay, so I think I've taken enough time here, but I'll post some more about Evelyn soon. I actually did up a little "Newspaper" announcement for her that I'll post, but for now I think I've typed enough!

Thanks for all the thoughts and support here, and I hope to keep checking in, since I've got a bit of experience in the c/s department now!

Cheers ladies!!!


Loving Wife to Jeff

and Momma to Kalilah Maia

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Mon, 09-29-2008 - 7:14pm
COngrats and welcome little Evelyn....hope your recovery goes smoothly.

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Mon, 09-29-2008 - 8:26pm

Congrats on the successful birth and so far recovery. That is wonderful news about the shape of your uterus after 5 c's, I'm sure that will be very helpful and inspirational to many moms who want to have more children after a c.

You must have know we were thinking about you, hey, LOL. I'm so glad to hear you are doing well.

Congrats again and welcome to the world Evelyn Joan Marie, what a pretty name. I had to chuckle at your comment at you had to take a few extra moments to check for boys parts, LOL. I did the same thing with my second born, I was sure he was a she, LOl and was a little surprised when they said look its a boy, LOL.

Congrats again and keep us posted.


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Mon, 09-29-2008 - 9:31pm

Congrats to you and Evelyn Joan Marie!


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Tue, 09-30-2008 - 12:37am

Yay Thea, Thanks for dropping in! It's so good to hear from you!!! You are truly an inspiration to me - as I'm now planning my 3rd but I can imagine having up to 5 c section - depending on what happens with each additional child. I hope that you'll post your photos of baby Evelyn soon! (I love that name - it was my DD's middle name and my grandmother's name, so it holds a special place for me!)