A Little Nervous & Apprehensive

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A Little Nervous & Apprehensive
Mon, 10-13-2008 - 4:21pm
Hey there! I'm Melissa and I'm new here. I am starting to freak myself out a little bit. I am 6 months pregnant with our second son and I've opted for a scheduled section this time around, due to all the stress and anxiety that went along with my first sons birth. Thing is, is that I'm really starting to get nervous. I don't know if it's because my first son was born via emergency c-section or that I had no family around that day other then the hubby, or what but I'm really nervous. On top of that my mother, who is an rn, warned me that because of my weight (right now at 6 months I'm about 215) I'm at risk for complications, infections, clots, the whole 9 yards. I'm hoping I can find some answers that can put my mind at ease. This woman had me thinking I was going to die this time around. *Note, I was 195 when I gave birth to our first son. Help me out!!!!
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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 6:49pm

Hi Missy,

I'm sure if you OB was concerned about any complications they would discuss it with you.


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Mon, 10-13-2008 - 11:10pm

I don't know what it is about pregnant women, but there are some people out there that just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to tell horror stories. I have no idea why they do it


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Thu, 10-16-2008 - 3:27am
Hi, Melissa!