New to this board w/ a few concerns

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New to this board w/ a few concerns
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 11:55am
I am new to this board but have been a lurker on the May board(posted a few times). Anyway, I am having my 4th child in May(due May 24, but if they are doing a section it will be somewhere in the beginning of May), I have partial placenta previa and they are doing another u/s April 23rd to see is the placenta has moved if it hasn't then we will be scheduling a section. This will be my first section and I am pretty nervous about it, I had a tubal reversal in May of 2002 and when I was in the recovery room I was in a great deal of pain they gave me 3 shots of Morphine to relieve it, after that it was pretty sore and I used my morphine 13 times in 4 days. I am concerned about the amount of pain with a new baby and also what type of pain relief as I plan to try breastfeeding and the morphine can't be good when breastfeeding. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions...etc..


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 3:25pm
Morphine is on the OK list for breastfeeding according to the AAP.

Here's their info on the transfer of drugs into human milk. (scroll down to Table 6).

As far as pain goes, I'd say abdominal surgery is abdominal surgery, so it may be similar to what you had before. :/ I went home post-c/s after 3 days in the hospital and continued taking hydrocodone APAP for several days, then I switched to just Advil. I did have my mom staying with me and doing a lot of the housework, cooking, etc. so I could just rest. If I'd been doing more, I probably would have been in more pain for longer. I would say, getting as much help as you can at home for the first week or so to give your body a chance to get over the worst of it may be your best bet in the long run.

They also have some new options out on the market, there is this new thing called OnQ that they can suture into your incision that basically pumps a local painkiller right into the area for several days. I don't know if insurance covers the cost, but it might be something worth looking into if you want to try and minimize taking a systemic painkiller.

Best wishes w/your pregnancy--hopefully the placenta will scoot out of the way and you won't have to worry about it!

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