New here! Having 1st scheduled cesarean

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New here! Having 1st scheduled cesarean
Mon, 05-16-2011 - 9:33am


My name is Michele, mommy to Mason (4)


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Wed, 05-18-2011 - 12:37pm
Hi Michele,

Welcome to the board! I'm glad you were able to make a decision that you are comfortable with. I look forward to seeing you here more and I hope you can share some of your past c-section experience with us!

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Thu, 05-19-2011 - 11:54am


I'm feeling that way about a lot of the boards here on IV! I miss the way it was! :)

Anyway, CONGRATS on your baby, and good luck on your upcoming c-section.

I had my first c-section in March, and even though it was scheduled, my baby didn't stick to the plan. LOL We scheduled for Mar 4th, but delivered on Mar 3rd cause I started with contractions 2-3 min apart, had a slow leak, and showed signs of infection.

My experience went really well, and was definitely my most calm and peaceful birth I've had. Very surreal. I was Green Team too, and that gave some added excitement in the room. A nurse said, "oh, that looks like a boy head!" and then before I had time to process what she had said, everyone is shouting, "NOPE! IT'S A GIRL!!" So fun!!

My recovery went really well too, and I think it is because it was planned and controlled. I was prepared for what was coming, ya know. And the docs weren't in a major rush like in an emergency type delivery.

I was and still am happy with my choice. I hope yours turns out just as good!! GL!!! Come back and update when that sweet baby gets here!!