open wound and bleeding question

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open wound and bleeding question
Sat, 02-21-2004 - 10:02pm
ok my first question is for everyone that has or had a c- section how long do you usually bleed for? the nurses said i shouldnt bleed as long or as hard as a vaginal birth but im just wondering as when i had my 1st section i was on blood thinners and the depo shot so i bleed for like 3 months! anyway im only like a week or so into it but still curious.

My 2nd question is i have been in alot of pain on my right side on my insicion and today i actually looked and noticed that there is a small area that is open. all the strips (except 1) have come off and it only hurts when i stand which leads me to think im pulling it open. anyway should i call the doc now or let it be till monday? it doesnt hurt when im sitting and its not bleeding or oozing (sorry tmi i know) but im still wondering


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Sat, 02-21-2004 - 11:08pm
I had one spot on my incision that was open. Well I couldn't see guts but it looked like a hole to me. Nothing was gushing from it. It eventually closed up.

I would call your doctor. Call now and perhaps you can get an appointment on Monday.

Also, it depends about the bleeding. I've bled on and off for about 6 weeks after one c-section. With another I bled for 3 weeks. What I have noticed is that once it turns brown, the only reason it turns red again is if you overdo!


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Sun, 02-22-2004 - 5:44pm
Hi Jill,

I would definitely call your doc about the open part in your wound, just to be safe.

As far as the bleeding is concerned, my doc told me that bleeding on and off for 6-8 weeks is considered normal. I bled on and off for almost 7 weeks, it was never heavy, it was more like toward the end of your period, sometimes red and sometimes darker (sorry tmi). My nurses told me that if it turned bright red then I was overdoing it. It did turn bright red quite a bit during those 7 wks and I never thought I was overdoing it. In fact I really took it easy, so who knows.

Anyway, good luck with your recovery and enjoy your new bundle!