Please help if you had a tubal during

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Please help if you had a tubal during
Thu, 02-19-2004 - 5:44pm
your Csection. I just had my csection 16 days ago, and I stopped bleeding totally last Saturday. Then on Tuesday I tried to do the pediatrician with 2 of my 3 kids, by myself and have been having a maroon colored blood discharge. It isn't brown, isn't red. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. ANd my tummy right below my belly button was tender anyways, but now it's more tender and I've had cramps off and on. I'm more worried about the cramps and pain. My scar feels fine, it's my tummy area. Is this normal? I plan on giving the doc a call tomorrow to be safe. I'm just scared because I hope I didn't over do it and cause more problems. I know a tubal hurts the bellybutton area when done laproscopically, because my mom had one but I didn't expect it to hurt this bad with a csection.


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Fri, 02-20-2004 - 12:36pm
Hi Julie, I'm sorry I don't have any advice, I haven't had a tubal. Hopefully someone who has had both will see this and answer your post. Congrats to the birth of your baby!!

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Sun, 02-22-2004 - 5:34pm
I had a tubal ligation done during my caesarian back in April of 1999. Far as I can remember I had no complications or problems. The incision will be sore and sensitive for a few days. I stopped bleeding too shortly after having my child. All women are different. Some heal better faster then others.. and some take a while longer.

I know probably not much help.. sorry.