Question about amniocentesis before Csec

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Question about amniocentesis before Csec
Fri, 05-23-2003 - 8:17am
Hi everyone.. I've been lurking on this board for a week or so now. I am 24 weeks along and on bedrest with a few complications. Last month at my ultrasound they found that my placenta was covering my cervix. I was told that if it didn't move I would have to have a Csec to have this baby. About 2 weeks after that i went int PTL and was put on meds and bedrest. I had a doctors apt. yesterday where I was scheduled for another ultrasound. My doctor has promised to keep doing ultrasounds right up until the end to see if I will be able to have a vag birth, but she didnt seem very hopeful about it. It was then that she mentioned I would have to have the amnio done before surgery. I had heard of them before, but I don't know anyone that has had it done. I always heard that there was a risk to the baby and that it was very painful. I am a huge wuss when it comes to needles. I told my doctor about it yesterday and she said that if I can get blood drawn without passing out then I would be able to handle this with no problems as long as I didn't look while they were doing it. She said it doesn't hurt any worse than getting blood drawn or getting an IV.. is this true or is she lying to me? And what about the risks to the baby? I have heard thet this test can cause miscarrage, but when I get it done I will already be over 32 weeks (knock on wood). Any info or personal stories would be a big help to me so that I know what I am getting myself into! Thanks so much!


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Fri, 05-23-2003 - 10:32am
I had an amnio done with my fisrt daughter at 33 weeks to check lung maturity before my c-section. She needed to be delivered early due to low fluid and non reactive NST. It was not painnful or difficult. For me they numbed the area and had a drape around me. I focused on the US screen and did fine. I can't watch my blood be drawn either. As for miscarriage-that is with first trimester amnios. You could start contracting but if they are doing an amnio they are pretty sure they will take the baby anyway.

Good luck on bedrest. I just had a baby after 9 weeks on bedrest-4 1/2 of them in the hospital. It's all worth it.
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Fri, 05-23-2003 - 7:13pm

I had an amnio at 15 weeks due to my age. I am very squeamish and can't watch needles or anything remotely bloody. The amnio needle was not a big deal at all. The main thing I had to focus on was not watching it. Otherwise, it wasn't painful at all. My doc did not numb the area at all either. It went really well... So, Good Luck!!!

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