question about recovery and stairs

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question about recovery and stairs
Thu, 03-25-2004 - 7:02am
I am scheduling a repeat c section which will take place in about 4 weeks. My last section was 8 years ago so I don't remember all the details of recovery. My question is about stairs. We live in a 2 story apartment. All the bedrooms are upstairs, bathroom is downstairs. Will I need to plan to hang out downstairs for a while while I heal? I hate the idea of sleeping on the couch-but maybe it will be better than climbing the stairs! Any BTDT suggestions would be great.



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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 8:29am
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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 8:36am
I came home after 2 days stay at hospital and Dr.allowed me to go up and down stairs only once or twice a day for the first week.then i was allowed to climb stairs whenever i needed to do so.i think sleeping on couch would certainly be better then the stairs for first week as u really don't have much energy(i was tired and dizzy all the time)and then u don't want to pull any stitches.Good Luck

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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 11:12am
I didn't have too much problem. I made sure that everything I needed was on the bottom floor during the day. I went up the stairs to go to bed and down the stairs in the morning. Other than that, I did not use the stairs during the first week. I made sure to take it easy. I went up the stairs slowly and down slowly. After the first week I was fine to negotiate the stairs.


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Thu, 03-25-2004 - 9:58pm
I had no problem with the stairs but I also had a really easy/great recovery. I'd say you'll just have to wait and see how you feel at the time. Good luck! Melisa
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Mon, 03-29-2004 - 9:12am
I thoughts stairs after the c/s were alot easier than they were at 41 weeks pg, with severe back pain and trouble breathing! At least I no longer got winded going up stairs! LOL! But like others, I also kept a pack-n-play/bassinett and all the materials for diaper changes downstairs to limit my stair climbing. I remember going down harder than going up. Good luck to you.
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Wed, 03-31-2004 - 12:18pm
I went upstairs to my bedroom as soon as I got home. YOu probably don't want to be hauling laundry or making 18 trips a day immediately, but go sleep in your own bed.
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