Repeat C-Section, Need Help!

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Repeat C-Section, Need Help!
Mon, 07-14-2003 - 7:44pm

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant w/ my second child. I was just told by my DR I have to have a repeat C-Section. My first, my DD Julia, was induced because she was late. 17 hours and a "failure to progress" later, I had her by c-section. My question is, how will this one go down?

Will they give me pitocin again, or will that be avoided? I imagine I will get a saline drip, a catheter, an internal fetal moniter and an epidural and then I will lay uncomfortably for 5 - 10 hours and wait for my OB GYN to show up. IS this accurate?


Melissa EDD 1-12-04

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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 2:54pm

I have had 3 c sections, one unplanned, and the others scheduled. They will allow you to pick a date to deliver, once the baby is at term. You will go in, probably at 5 am. You will be hooked up to an IV, catheter, and also you will be given a spinal or epidural, whichever your hospital uses. No pitocin will be used. After getting prepped, (getting yourt belly shaved just like last time)you will be ready. Your Dr. will come in, probably at 7 am and your surgery will be around 7:30 am. You will go to recovery after and everything else will be just as it was the first time. This is exactly how my last two planned sections went and that was at two diff hospitals, so I imagine yours will go the same. They do not make you go through labor since you already know you are having the section.That is about the only plus to this ordeal! Good luck! It all goes by so quiclkly once you are in there.