For those who have had a sched c/s......

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For those who have had a sched c/s......
Tue, 02-24-2004 - 6:42pm
Sorry I am asking so many question's... I'm 13days away from my c/s and am very nervous:-( For those mommies who have had a sched c/s, does the spinal hurt? when they put it in? my doc told me I will be getting a spinal and I am soooo needlephobic I am starting to freak out, so please be honest with me I am trying to mentally prepare myself for this.. does it hurt? will my DH be able to be in the room while they put it in? how long does the medicine last? and how fast do you get numb? any experiances would be great even if they are god or bad... Thanks for all your support ladies I really appreciate it:-)


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Tue, 02-24-2004 - 7:14pm
Hmmm . . . well for me the spinal is what scares me the most during a c-section. It doesn't hurt anymore than an epidural. You feel a prick and then you feel weird feelings in your legs. I do not know the difference between how a spinal takes affect and how an epidural takes affect. In less than 15 to 20 minutes, you are numb.

Some hospitals will not let your husband in and some will. Ask the hospital. Perhaps if you are really nervous, they might let your husband in.

I know with an epidural, they can put more medicine in and keep you numb longer. With my spinal I was moving after 2 hours. Sometimes you can be numb for 6 hours.

It obviously can't be that bad because I am pregnant again and I will need a spinal or an epidural. Try not to worry about it.

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Tue, 02-24-2004 - 7:28pm
I've had 2 scheduled c/s and will have another one in 36 days. I've had epidurals and have heard that spinal needles are even smaller. I was scared the first time I got the epidural because I imagined this long huge needle going in me but it didn't hurt anymore than getting blood taken. They numb the spot before the needle goes in so all you really feel is a prick and then they will talk you through the process. What scares me the most about the scheduled c/s is the darn IV. I always ask the nurse to numb it before she puts it in because I had one bad experience. I am afraid of getting a nurse that will not numb my wrist first.

I don't remember if my DH was allowed in the room for the epidural or not. I have heard different hospitals have different policies.

Good luck and don't worry!


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Wed, 02-25-2004 - 9:06am

I had an epi while

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Wed, 02-25-2004 - 3:06pm
Don't worry - it's REALLY not that bad!

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Wed, 03-10-2004 - 1:24am
Hi, I'm barely 21 and have my first c-section in sept 03. i had a spinal block. I don't know if they number the area first, but i felt a prick, and within seconds of removing the needle my legs started to go numb. my dh wasn't allowed in their at first, but after I was laid down, he was allowed in. for me, the spinal was put in about 7 pm and lasted till about 8ish. The surgery went really fast and they stitched me up really fast, so the spianl only lasted about an hour. If you want to read my whole story you can read the response to "terrified of c-section"