Tuesday Talk: How did you choose your doc?

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Tuesday Talk: How did you choose your doc?
Tue, 01-31-2012 - 11:32am
Was it a referral by a friend? Did you want to deliver at a specific hospital? Do you only feel comfortable with a doctor of a certain gender? How did you know your doc was the right one for you?
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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 7:14pm
I already saw a NP for my yearly paps at their practice. I decided to stay with that practice because it consisted of just 3 MWs and 1 female OB. I had never seen a male provider, so I liked the all female aspect and believed that the MWs would be supportive of my natural birth choices. I had heard mostly good things about them too. I also liked that I only had 3 MWs to get to know (the only other 2 OB practices in town have 5 and 7).

Next time I am switching because they cannot provide vbacs at the hospital they use and I felt that only one MW was truly supportive of my choices. She was out of town when the other two decided to induce me and eventually do the section. So my next decision will be based solely on whoever I can find in this town is the most successful with vbacs.

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Wed, 02-01-2012 - 11:25am
With my first two pregnancies, I had to drive 30 min-an hour for my appointments and deliveries. I didn't like that.

So with #3, we had moved to a different city, so I decided I wanted to find a doctor/hospital closer. Our city now has a hospital that delivers babies, where our previous city didn't, so I was definitely looking for a doc that used that hospital.

I asked around, and went to this one place first, just for a check-up before actually getting pregnant. I knew one of the things I was looking for in my next doc is someone that would take my previous delivery history serious, and meet a couple of very specific delivery requests I had.

The first person I went to was a female doctor. I was not impressed with her at all. She rushed me through the appt, was very impersonal and cold. And when I was trying to deal with a uterine issue that arose, she seemed very uncaring and unconcerned with the issue. It was something very bothersome to me so, I pushed her to please help, and she said she would call in a prescription for me, but after repeated attempts, she still never had called it in!

I realized that if this was the treatment she was giving me through this issue, I certainly didn't want that type of treatment through a pregnancy and delivery!!

I opened the phone book, and found an with a pic for a new OB-GYN in town, and on a whim called and set an appt. This was a male doctor, but from the picture he looked "nice enough" and not intimidating to me.

I came in still trying to work through the issue I was dealing with, and right away was very impressed with him. He definitely was taking my issue serious, and committed to help me find a cause and resolution. He explained certain possibilities I could be dealing with, and clearly explained the variable issues to me using visual tools so that I could understand better the underlying processes involved! I liked this a lot!! He had great compassion, spent a lot of time with me, and had a dedication to help me that no doctor had really given me before.

I felt so comfortable with him in that first appt that I told him that we would be TTC soon, and expressed my issues and concerns about my previous deliveries, and he helped brainstorm ideas that could help make my future deliveries easier for me!

So, it was clear this was my doc!! And though my delivery didn't go as smooth with #3 as I hoped it would, I know my doc did the best he could with the situation. And through the pregnancy I had different medical issues come up, and I felt completely comfortable with my care because he was very good about explaining what was going on and taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of me and the baby!

When I got pregnant with #4, it was very clear that he was going to be my doc then too. And when I told him that I wanted to deliver by c-section this time, he was very supportive. He of course, wished he could give me an easy natural delivery, but he knew what I had been through and understood where I was coming from, so he said he would do whatever I wanted (as long as I wasn't risking mine or the baby's health, of course). Even the day of the delivery, he gave me that one more chance to change my mind about the c-section, but I was determined. And it turned out for me to be the absolute right choice. My delivery went great, and the recovery was even easier than I was expecting it to be!

He really has become a friend to me during my care, and I know his excitement for me at the birth of my last baby was real! I wish that he was my doc for everything cause he really is the perfect fit for me, and that's really important!!