Uterine infection 7 weeks PP?!

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Uterine infection 7 weeks PP?!
Sun, 03-28-2004 - 3:29pm
I've had such a rough time of it...I injured my lower stomach muscles twice since my emerg c-section 7 weeks ago and now this...a uterine infection! Just when I thought my lochia was going away, it started getting worse, turned pinky/yellow and took on an unpleasant smell...then I started getting menstrual-type cramps so I told my midwife at my 6 week final appt and she took a swab and did an internal. The pain got so bad over the next few days, I was in tears. It doesnt help that my SO is out of town and I'm alone...which means carrying my baby up and down stairs. So I called my brothers MIL (the only person I know that wasnt working) to take me to hospital. I'm now on antibiotics and Naproxen for the pain (if I need it). I have to go back for an ultrasound tomorrow to see if theres any pieces of placenta left in my uterus. The Dr said thats usually what causes these kind of infections. If thats the case perhaps the fact that the section was caused by the placenta rupturing would make that likely? Has anyone heard of this happening?


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Sun, 03-28-2004 - 5:07pm
Dear Sarah,

I've never heard of what you are going through but you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Sun, 03-28-2004 - 9:37pm

I have never heard of it either, but you are in my prayers...PLEASE let us know how your doing as soon as your are able to, we will be thinking of you...!

hugs and best wishes to YOU,

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