weird question. a little personal.

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weird question. a little personal.
Mon, 03-08-2004 - 4:53pm

I had a c-section on February 10th which went great. My question may be a little on the personal side but I am wondering just how long most people usually bleed after.

I had my first natural and it was about 5 weeks before things were back to 'normal' but this time I was done bleeding after about 2 weeks. Is this normal with a c-section?

Thanks in advance.

Rebecca N.

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Rebecca N.

Edd 3-3-4 (Madison)

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Mon, 03-08-2004 - 5:00pm
It varies. Some people have bled much less from a c-section and claim "the doctor cleans you out while he's in there". If that is done, it probably isn't in all cases, since other people have bled a full 6 weeks (in a normal recovery).
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Tue, 03-09-2004 - 3:48pm
Hi Rebecca, and welcome to Cesarean Birthing!!
I believe the amount of bleeding varys from person to person. Some people are free bleeders where others aren't. I believe I was pretty much done with the blount of my bleeding by the time I got out of the hospital. Congrats on your new arrival!! How is life with baby? Why did you have a c/s this time? :o)

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Wed, 03-10-2004 - 3:55pm
With my first 2 sections I bled for about a month each, including light spotting. With this last one (I had a section and tubal on Feb 2nd), I bled longer, then spotted forever, and now am having a heavy period. So at 5 weeks pp I'm still bleeding. It can vary but the *norm* is supposed to be that you bleed less with a section. :)

HTH and congrats on your baby!


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Wed, 03-10-2004 - 4:24pm
I was told the "doctor cleans you" thing by someone in the hospital. Then my regular nurse laughed and said they have no way to do that and that our bleeding is just as much, but every woman varies. I bled for 3-4 weeks, but then continued to have bloody/brown discharge until just about 6 weeks.
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Sun, 03-14-2004 - 1:47pm
Yeah- that sounds about right... I think I was done at around 2 and a half- three weeks... The bleeding stopped a bit before the clear discharge did though... I still had that until about four and a half weeks, but the blood stopped around two and a half weeks. (Had my section Jan. 8th ;)


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Mon, 03-15-2004 - 2:43pm
I only bleed for about 2 weeks.
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