When Did Your Milk...

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When Did Your Milk...
Fri, 06-21-2013 - 12:59pm

... come in after you delivered?  How many hours/days did it take? I read this article today and it claims that C-sections can be one cause for milk coming in late.  Was that your experience too?


Nearly one in four mothers experience their milk coming in late – defined as after 72 hours.  For first time mothers, CDC data suggest the rate is nearly one in three.

How could that be, I wondered?  If so many mothers have their milk come in after 72 hours, doesn’t it make that pretty normal?  Doesn’t this undermine the definition of late onset of mature milk (post 72 hours)?

But then I remembered that many obstetrical practices are associated with late onset of mature milk.  And I decided to compile the rates at which these practices occur, including data from the recently released Listening to Mothers III Survey.  Here are some factors known to cause a delay in milk coming in:

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