Devon is here!

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Devon is here!
Sat, 02-24-2007 - 10:42am

Devon Elisabeth was born on 02/21/07 at 5:39pm, and weighed in at a chuncky 8.1lb and 20.25 inches

Labor started around 6am, which was perfect timing. We were able to get DD Erin ready and off to preschool. Since we were plannining a midwife assisted water birth at home, I made the bed as the midwife instructed us, and DH put water in the Aquadoula (birthing tub) which we had renetd. Contractions were about 4 minutes appart and only 40 seconds long when I called my midwife, but she decided to come over right away, since this was my 2nd birth and things could progress rather quickly. I also called my doula who arrived shortly before my midwife. I labored peacefully on my patio (we live in Florida, and it was a beautiful sunny day) on my birth ball, until midwife told me that the bedroom was ready and that I could go into the birth tub any time I wanted. The birthing music was playing and my doula put on some aroma therapy. The atmosphere was so peaceful and relaxed. I had done the Hypnobabies homestudy course which helped me to breath through the contractions. In between contractions we chatted and joked that we still did not have a name for this baby. At about 2:25pm I had the midwife check me, since I was getting nauseous and the warm water from the birthing tub was making my dizzy. This was the first internal exam in my pregnancy. I was at about 7 cm. Slightly discouraged I labored on the bed for a while and in and out of the tub. I had to go to the bathroom a lot and contractions were much more uncomfortable out of the water. At about 4:45pm I asked the midwife to check me again. The contractions were hard and on top of each other, but I still did not have any pushy contractions. I was still at between 7-8cm and now really exhausted. I had not eaten anything and was loosing strength. The midwife offered to release my water to speed things up. I really did not want any intervention, so I went to the bathroom again and labored on the toilet for a while. I called DH to discuss what we should do and he also said that I was getting weak and it might help to bring the baby quicker. I let the midwife release my bag of water which was uncomfortable because I had to lay on my back. I had a couple of very hard contractions before I was able to get back in the birth tub. Immediately then I got strong pushing contractions. I had no idea that this urge was so strong, so primal. Low grunting sounds came out of my throat, and I after the birth I could barely talk, almost lost my voice. The midwife told me to go easy, not to push when I felt a burning sensation. It was so hard! She was trying to coach me so I would not tear, but that powerful urge to push made it almost impossible. I remember thinking that I did not care if I tore, so uncontrollable was the urge. Some women say that it felt good to push. I cannot really say that, but it would have been impossable to hold that baby in (lol). I felt her move down and wiggle and turn. It was the coolest sentation. The midwife told me to reach down and feel my babies head crown. It was amazing. One last push and I remember how good it felt to push the head out. The cord was wrapped around baby's head, so the midwive put it over her head and out came the rest of her. I saw my baby floating in the water next to me and I reached down to hold her out of the water. It was amazing. I stayed in the water a little bit just holding her. Then I got out of the tub for the afterbirth. Devon was cleaned a little. The wonderful thing was that all the test on the baby were done after I had a chance holding her and nursing her. I tore in 2 places and opted not to have stitches, but letting them heal naturally, which means I have to stay in bed for 4 days. I am really sore but incredibly happy. I am not saying that it was easy or painfree, far from it, but it was incredibly peaceful. What a difference form the hospital birth with DD 3 years ago! Devon is doing great and nursing so much, that I call her my little piglet. DD is wonderful to her, although she was hoping that she could do more with the baby.
I can honestly say that having a home birth was the best decision I have ever made. I really believe that Devon is so calm and peaceful because she did not have to experience all that stress in the hospital.
And although I did not really post much, this board helped me to make along the way so much! Thank you all! Good luck to you all for your pregnancies and I wish you all healthy babies and quick recoveries.


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Sat, 02-24-2007 - 11:18am

Congratulations Tinchen!

Welcome Sweet Baby Devon!

Sounds like a perfect, peaceful birth.

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Sat, 02-24-2007 - 2:12pm
Congratulations on your wonderful birth!
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Wed, 02-28-2007 - 12:20pm

Congratulations Tinchen! Enjoy your babymoon.

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