Judah's wonderful homebirth!

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Judah's wonderful homebirth!
Sun, 02-11-2007 - 7:51pm

Judah was born Friday morning at 9:57 am at our home. He was 8 lb. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. I woke up a little befor 6:30 am having pains in my stomach. I noticed that they were occuring every few minutes, but there was no tightening so I thought that it was gas or something else. I walked to the bathroom and suddenly water was dribbling down my leg. Thinking that I was peeing myself I ran the final couple of feet to the toilet and used the bathroom. Since there was no ongoing gush I felt that it must not have been my water. I went to the shower to see if I could get the waves of pain to relax and go away and more wawter dribbled down my leg. I figured at that point it was most likely my water leaking, but hadn't actually broken. I took a shower and the pains kept going. I finally got out of the shower only so that I could call the MW and my mom and wake Bill up. Since I was so calm no one believed that I was very far along so the MW finished up an appointment she was on and my mom took a shower before her two hour drive down here. I got a banana (thank goodness it was the only thing I got to eat) and some water and sat on the excercise ball while Bill made the bed the way the MW told us. He got a few things together and the MW called back. By this point I was completely unable to do anything but hang on the excercise ball so when the MW heard me and told Bill that she would be here in about 15 minutes and she'd go ahead and send the assistant over.

By the time the MW asst. got here my Layla was awake and hugging me through a few of my contractions. The MW Asst. she was rushed up the stairs to help me through a contraction and boy was that nice. Bill was so busy I had been laboring by myself. About 10 min later the MW showed up. By then the contraction were getting really painful and taking my full concentration. We tried the bathtub and the shower, but I just could not get into a position that I liked. We finally moved to the bed with the excercise ball and that was better. I could tell that I was close to being done with the transition phase and I kept asking my MW when I would get my break that I needed so bad when all of a sudden I desperately needed to lay down on my side. I rolled off the ball (literally) onto my side, the whole time the MW and her asst telling me not to run away (but I wasn't, I just had to get off the ball right that second. I had a few small pushes and then my rest came (where my waters partially broke and let out a small gush), it lasted about 2 minutes not the 10 I got with Layla.

Finally I really felt the need to push but it took a couple of pushes to remember how to do it. I had never pushed a baby out without the reminents of that stupid epidural so it felt different and kind of freaked me out. I pushed a few times and Judah crownedand with his head halfway out the contraction went away. The MW told me to push a little more if I needed to finish getting his head out, but I just didn't have it until the next contraction. After two more pushes I had his body out and they threw him up on my belly. He was all purple and crying (he actually was crying before I finished pushing him out) and I was hysterically babbling about my baby boy. The best part was that as Judah came out Layla and Bill were watching from the doorway and Layla was happily screaming "BABY!" and laughing. It was GREAT, we really wished that we could have gotten a recording of her, none of us will ever forget it. Judah was also born with the rest of the waters and his sac still on him which is incredibly special.

Unfortunanatly my mom didn't get here for about 10 more minutes, but I was still attached to Judah with umbilical cord and the placenta was still no where near coming out so when the cord stopped pulsing my mom got to cut it. It took almost an hour and half to get the placenta out after Judah was born, but the MW said that wasn't uncommon with a fast birth.

My mom really was sad she missed it, but was so glad that everything went so well and so quickly. She was VERY impressed with the MW and all the info that she gave us. This was definitely a healing experience from my Layla's birth. The next day when the MW came back to check on me she said that the swelling was almost all gone and if she hadn't been there she wouldn't have believed that I had just given birth especially not an almost 9 lb baby.

Judah is nursing well, I'm a little sore, but he's doing well and I'm glad he has a big mouth :wink: . His hands are huge and we compared his footprints to Layla's when she was born and they are a good 1/2 inch longer! He doesn't fit in the newborn socks.

Well, that should be everything! Hope you all are doing well.

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Mon, 02-12-2007 - 12:48am

So glad to read your great birth story; it's inspiring since we are also having a second baby. How old is your daughter?

You are awesome to write your birth story and post it so soon. I hope you and your family have a wonderful first week together.

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Mon, 02-12-2007 - 9:13am
My DD is 22 months. I feel great, last time I was back in the hospital by now. I did try to prepare DD for the birth by watching all those birth shows on TV. She cheered when those babies were born as well.
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Thu, 02-15-2007 - 12:30am

Congratulations and great job, Mama! That is a wonderful birth story and I never, ever get tired of reading them. Each one is so special. Enjoy your sweet boy and keep getting as much rest as you can! I know what you mean about it being a healing experience - it really and truly is. Congratulations again.

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Thu, 02-15-2007 - 2:00am

What a beautiful birth story!

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