Kathryn Anna's Homebirth Story

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Kathryn Anna's Homebirth Story
Fri, 10-27-2006 - 3:20pm

The short version

Kathryn was born October 25th (40w2d) at 3:06 am, 6 hours after my water broke and with less than 2 minutes of pushing.

The Long Story:

Tuesday, October 24, while waiting for our car after a fabulous anniversary dinner, my water broke. On the way home, I called Sandra (m/w) and then my sister, to let them know what was happening. The contractions were already coming about 5 minutes apart but were not too intense yet. From my self check before dinner, I knew I was still about 1 cm and 75% effaced. I thought it would be a long night.

Once home, I left a message for Shannon, my doula, and watched a little TV. The contractions were definitely picking up so we worked on a puzzle until midnight, when I decided to hit the shower. I told Erick either I was a total wimp or things were going faster than I thought because these were getting really hard. We decided it was time for him to start setting everything up. A little after 1 am I called Shannon as the contractions were coming every 2-4 minutes and were pretty much kicking my butt. Two contractions later I decided I’d better call Sandra, as well. I was also feeling really nauseous.

I got in the tub and had Erick call my sister. I threw up all my wonderful dinner, then decided the shower had been better. Erin arrived after a few minutes. I was feeling too hot and decided to move out to the couch. I tried a several positions always complaining that everything was too low. I needed to be leaning forward over something but all the surfaces I could sit on were really low and my legs were getting very tired from supporting my weight. At some point Sandra and Shannon arrived. I whined that the toilet was too low and even broke the toilet paper holder off the wall trying to get up before a contraction hit. I had been making a low groaning sound through all the contractions but now as the peak hit I fond the moan turning into a wimpering cry. I was just not seeing how I could continue hours more of this. Sandra reassured me that she did not think this was early labor and that I was doing great.

Finally I decided to try hands an knees on the bed and Erick, Erin, and Shannon found lots of pillows for me to lean on. The cotractions were horrible and right on top of one another and I was pushing involuntarily at the peak. I asked Sandra to check me and she said I had a thick lip on top but that I was dialated to 9. OMG, sweet relief, I’d been sure she’d say 5. She suggested she hold the lip back for a contraction or two (OMG was that anawful feeling) and I could not help pushing. Sandra suddenly said the head was right there and I could feel the burning. I push and pushed unable to stop even though there was no contraction. I felt her head come out and then and then after a few more intense pushes she was out. I sat and Sandra put her on my chest. Within a few minutes she wanted to nurse and had a good strong suck..

Things are al little blurry form here. The placenta came very quickly. At some point William fell out of bed, so he came in to meet her. I cut the cord while Erick took him back to bed. Sandra took Kathryn to weigh her and I started shaking badly. They covered me with blankets. I asked for some juice and a PB&J sandwich. My mother and MIL came in After a while, Sandra checked. Luckily I had no tears, but several of what she called skin splits.

About 5am, everyone went home and we settled I to try to sleep a little. William woke at 6 and Erick brought him in to lay down with us. He snuggled for a while and then wanted to give Kathryn a kiss. He remembered meeting her in the middle of the night and that we had told him she was a little goopy. He thought that was really funny. Then he and Erick got up to watch a movie and Kathryn and I settle back in for a rest.

Having the experience of a homebirth was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I still can’t really believe I did it. It was just so much better than being in the hospital, hooked up to a million lines, unable to move around. I think Sandra check the h/r 2 times through the whole thing. Of course she was only there for an hour before the birth. And my one and only internal of the whole pregnancy showed me at 9cm. Not too bad. Especially since she was born about 5 minutes later. I lost a lot of blood and was pretty tired the first two days. I’m also pretty sore and the skin splits burn a lot. But I’m feeling much better now and it was all so worth it.

Hmmm... well I attached one photo twice and can't seem to undo it, plus it's huge. Oh well, the other is easier to see.

Emily, William, 5/30/03, and Baby Girl, due 10/23/06

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Emily with William, 5/30/03, and Kathryn, 10/25/06

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Fri, 10-27-2006 - 4:03pm
Congratulations!!! Welcome baby Kathryn!!! She's gorgeous. Your birth story is wonderful, what a fast labor. How sweet of your baby to wait until after your dinner celebration to make her appearance. Enjoy your babymoon.
BTW--Liquid chlorophyll is a great way to help you replenish lost blood.
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Fri, 10-27-2006 - 4:19pm

Wonderful birth Emily!

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Fri, 10-27-2006 - 5:35pm

She is beautiful! Congrats!


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Fri, 10-27-2006 - 6:56pm

Oh, I *love* the expression on her face in the last picture! She's a doll...love the dark hair and chubby cheeks!

Are you going to call her Kathryn? My 6 yo's name is Kathryn Grace (named after my Grandma) and she usually goes by Katie or Kate. I know those names are overused, but they're so sweet, IMHO.

Congrats again if you don't see my message on the Oct. board!




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Sat, 10-28-2006 - 1:28am

What a sweet story! Can you send me some of those "great labor" vibes? Sounds like (despite finding a comfortable position) like a perfect delivery!

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

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Sat, 10-28-2006 - 12:56pm

Now I know it really doesn't matter how cute a baby is....but that is one cute little girl! What great first pics! Thanks for your birth story!


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Sat, 10-28-2006 - 2:46pm
Congratulations Emily, and welcome Kathryn! Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story, and the lovely pictures. I just love looking at newborns. --Liz, #6 edd Halloween

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Sat, 10-28-2006 - 6:13pm

Oooh, she is C-U-T-E!!! Congratulations on a wonderful birth! Have a happy babymoon. :)