Lochlan Duir's Unassisted Homebirth

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Lochlan Duir's Unassisted Homebirth
Thu, 10-26-2006 - 11:52am
I usually post on the Tons of Kids and the Non-Vaccine Support boards, but just came across this one - here's my birth announcement:
Our 5th child, 3rd son, was born yesterday morning at 10:48am here in the comfort and safety of our own home - and I caught him myself! He was roughly 9lbs, and 23 inches long.
My first contraction was at 7am, and I made a bowl of oatmeal and then went upstairs - I labored in our upstairs bathroom with my husband checking in on me every once in a while. The shower felt great, and I had lots of towels ready for the birth. The kids got off to school fine, and when the bus came for my pre-k child, she actually went out and got on it herself! (I was sitting on my husbands legs just about to push the baby out!) Our youngest came upstairs just in time to see his little brother being born - it was fantastic!
I am so thankful for having found Laura Shanley's Bornfree website (http://www.unassistedchildbirth.com/) - my previous homebirths were pretty much unassisted (few or no internal exams, total quiet), but it was so great NOT to have anyone else but dh and I there. We made our baby - and we birthed him!
Lochlan and I are doing fine - although these afterbirth pains are worse than labor... I always forget about that!
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Thu, 10-26-2006 - 1:04pm
Congratulations!!!! Awesome story!! And yes, I found the after pains MUCH worse than labour! I thought I was the only one who felt that way, lol!
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Thu, 10-26-2006 - 2:17pm
Congratulations!!! Sounds like an ideal birth. Love the part of your preschooler getting on the bus herself since Mom was sorta busy. I know what you mean about those afterpains, this time was THE worst for me. 3 days of incredibly annoying contractions!! Enjoy your babymoon.
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Thu, 10-26-2006 - 2:47pm

Congratulations! It sounds like you had a wonderful birth. It's very inspiring to hear of women having unassisted births. I think about it all the time! I hope you have a great babymoon. :)

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Thu, 10-26-2006 - 3:09pm

Congratulations Ginger!

Welcome Baby Lochlan!

Sounds like an awesome birth.

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Fri, 10-27-2006 - 12:19pm
Congratulations Ginger, and welcome baby Lochlan! Thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story. --Liz, #6 edd Halloween

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Sat, 10-28-2006 - 2:29am

Congrats, enjoy your new baby. I found the best help with after pains are lots of rest (and tyenol, haha!).

Hope they pass quickly,


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Sat, 10-28-2006 - 12:58pm

Congrats on your very quick and easy sounding UC! Thanks for sharing your birth story as well!