Hospital birth classes- worth it?

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Hospital birth classes- worth it?
Wed, 03-27-2013 - 10:05am

It's time for me to consider signing up for birthing classes at the hospital.  One of my friends has told me she found them to be worthless.  Another said she's glad she went.  What do you all think?  Is this something I should go ahead and do?  What were your experience with hospital birthing classes?

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Thu, 03-28-2013 - 9:44am

Good question.  To me, knowledge is power.  The more you have, the more informed you'll be about your labor and delivery.  I would recommend taking them to learn as much as possible, especially if you are expecting your first child.  Best of luck and let us know what you decide!


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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 8:44am

Birthing classes as a concept are good. Not all live up to the concept. My hospital class was too much marketing and not enough good information. Admittedly, I had the baby before the end of it.

The only thing I got really good out of the hospital was the information that if I went into labor after hours, I had to come in through emergency.

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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 12:04pm

Any birthing class you get out of it as much as you put into it. If you go to it half focused, not doing supplemental research and not doing any "homework", it will be worthless. I've heard from women in a small town who have either driven to a different location, signed out books from the library or bought a book that helps them work with the hospital to have "Your Best Birth". :D My eyes laid on that book when I glanced over at what my friends have dubbed my "Midwife Bookshelf", LOL!


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Sun, 04-07-2013 - 10:07am
Hi there, I'm a first timer, and I've also heard the 50/50 opinions, which is fine. However, since I'm not using a midwife, and my husband and I really don't know what to expect, we're going to to take an express class. We'll walk away with a little more knowledge and confidence and hopefully it will give us less to feel stressed about when the time does come. Good luck!