Take care!

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Take care!
Fri, 11-02-2012 - 9:26pm

With the chaos Super Storm Sandy is creating, I thought it would be helpful for people whose midwife or doctor is stuck in traffic to have some links. I've been clicking around and read some stories of doctors who are remembering it wasn't that long ago doctors would do housecalls to deliver a baby.



From a few different webpages, this one the easiest to C&P:

Many natural methods help women to relax and make pain more manageable. Things women do to ease the pain include:

  • Trying breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Taking warm showers or baths
  • Getting massages
  • Using heat and cold, such as heat on lower back and cold washcloth on forehead
  • Having the supportive care of a loved one, nurse, or doula
  • Finding comfortable positions while in labor (stand, crouch, sit, walk, etc.)
  • Using a labor ball
  • Listening to music


And last, based on this link, you could play a comedy DVD:


Also, you  might want to flip to the back of whatever pregnancy book you've been relying on and treat seriously the part that says "What to do if the midwife hasn't arrived/you can't get to the hospital in time". I did search around iVillage but couldn't find any information. The links might be down because I do remember at one time there was information.