I had my baby...

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I had my baby...
Sat, 08-23-2003 - 9:13pm
Hi everyone!

Nicholas has arrived! He was due Aug. 30th and he arrived on Aug. 21st by VBAC. I am so excited to share his birth story. I posted earlier asking for everyone's birth stories relating to big babies because the ultrasound predicted he would be big. Prior to having him my dr. had discussed the option of an ERCS since the baby would be big if I went to my due date. At one point I was "on the schedule" for a c-section. The risks of shoulder dystocia really freaked me out.

My first child was born via c-section because she was breech. I threw up non-stop for eight hours after her birth. My second was a VBAC. I had a very fast labor (2 hours) and almost had her in the car. My VBAC was a very traumatic experience emotionally and physically. Needless to say, I was very anxious about giving birth with either way it would happen.

Well, my water broke at 3 am and I started having contractions. We went to the hospital immediately because of my history of precipitous labor. We made it to the hospital and got checked in. I was so relieved to be at the hospital. I was giddy with excitement. I knew I would have a baby in my arms within the next two days. They hooked me up to the monitors immediately. Baby was doing fine so I asked for the telemetry unit. They told me my dr.had to order it! My dr. came in a few minutes later, checked me (I was 4 cm and -2), and ordered the unit. I walked the halls throughout my early labor. During the shift change (7 am), my labor stalled. I got checked by my oncoming dr. I was 6 cm and -2. I rested in bed until 10 am. The contractions had stopped. My dr. came back and suggested we try some pitocin to get labor started again. He also said it was my choice, that I could see if the contractions started up again on their own. He told me the chances of a c-sec at this point were the same with or without pit. He also brought up the risk of infection increases after membranes rupture.

I decided to do the pit. At this point, the anesthesiologists came in and gave their "epidural talk". My physician wanted them to put in a line, even though I planned on not getting any pain meds. It was a "security" line in case we needed to do a c-sec. Well, I refused the line. I told them to knock me out if it was that much of an emergency. We started the pit at 10:45. am. I still had the telemetry unit on, so I labored on a birth ball. I was able to get up and go to the bathroom as often as I needed to. My contractions started up again and I could feel progress being made. I kept telling myself that the baby was working himself down and out. I would lean forward on the birth ball to keep the baby in a good position. At 11:15 the nurse came in to turn up the pit. I didn't know she turned it up until after it was done. I would have asked her not to turn it up because I could tell it was working well at the minimum dosage. Well, things really picked up speed after the increase. The contractions were really intense.

At 11:45 I had the uncontrollable urge to push. The charge nurse told me to get into the bed to get checked. She checked me and told me I was 5 cm! That was impossible. I knew the baby was coming. At that point I was screaming for the epi and telling the nurse that I still had to push. Three seconds later a resident came in and checked me and said I was complete. They wouldn't let me push until my dr. came. The resident kept her hand inside to keep the baby in. They finally did a code blue and everyone swooped in, including my dr. My thighs kept cramping up. They were telling me to move down on the table and it seemed so difficult to do what they wanted. I was still screaming from the pain. Finally, I was allowed to push. It felt so good to be able to push. I could see everything in the mirror so that helped tremendously. The head came out after two pushes. I definitely experienced the "ring of fire" as the head crowned. Next the shoulders came out in another push. I was so worried about shoulder dystocia I pushed too hard and tore a little bit. Nicholas arrived at 11:54. He weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces. It was the best birth experience and so worth it. For me, the third time was the charm. I am at home and although I am sore and tired, I feel great.

I wish you all the birth experiences you dream about. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. It helped me so much.


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Sun, 08-24-2003 - 12:36am
Congratulations on a wonderful vbac. I get so excited reading success stories. (actually I usually cry at them, but it's a happy cry). Great job, and good for you for listening to your body. Post pictures please, I'd love to see the little one.


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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 12:05pm

Congratulations! And thank you for posting your story. I love reading birth stories and yours was a good one!!

Get lots of rest (well, as much as possible :)) and enjoy your baby!

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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 10:21pm
Congratulations Heather!! :) I'm glad to hear the third time's a charm-- I'm counting on it this time (bad c/s, intense vbac) too! LOL!

So glad to hear all went well! congrats congrats! :)

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Tue, 08-26-2003 - 8:52am
Congratulations Heather and Family!! Welcome to the world Nicholas!! (Great name, by the way! I love it!) ~Christina w/Amanda, Kathleen and Nicholas:)


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Tue, 08-26-2003 - 3:28pm
Congratulations!! I was very excited to see your posting. I responded to your last posting about big babies since I seem to have them as well. I loved your story. I need to get as much inspiration at this point as I can. My EDD WAS 8-22. People can't seem to resist saying "oh that baby is only getting bigger everyday that you go over". What are they thinking! My response is usually "I hope so, if she wasent growing I would be worried about her!". Hopefullly I will be posting a birth story soon as well. Apparently noone is pregnant forever.

Congrats again, Jenn P. mother the Steven (20 mos) 10 lbs, 11 days late, Baby girl now 4 days late but who is counting