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I did it! I did it! I had a vbac!!! Joshua Paul was born Friday, September 5, 2003 at 9:24pm. He weighed 8 lbs 3 oz and was 20.5 inches long (a whopper compared to my c/s baby who was only 6 lbs 14 oz). I had zero interventions, NO DRUGS, and even better, no tears!

I could not have had a better birth experience. The day began with my 39 week appt where my midwife discovered that I was 4-5 cm dilated and 85% effaced. (I had been 2cm dilated and 70% effaced for a couple weeks.) I wasn't having any regular contractions. Knowing that I really wanted a vbac, she told me to go walk around for an 1.5 hours and to come back for a check to see if I was progressing. I was obviously not in active labor and she didn't want me to go to the hospital where the doctors could get ahold of me and intervene. No midwives were sheduled to be on-call that weekend, but she was going to make some phone calls and see if she and a fellow midwife could work something out so that I could have the best chance at a vbac.

Went to the mall, did some shopping, came back to the office and was maybe at 5cm dilated, but no cx. She stripped my membranes and told me not to go home (1.5 hr drive). So, I checked into a hotel across from the hospital and waited for labor to begin.

I started having contractions around 12:30pm. Nothing painful. I stayed on my hands and knees to ensure the best position. I was told to report back to the midwife at 4pm or sooner if necessary. Cx were 8 min apart at 3pm but not painful. They were more intense when I stood upright. At 4pm, she checked me and I was 7 cm dilated and still not in any pain. I walked around outside the office for another 30 min while she finished her other exams. We didn't want any doctors finding out what we were doing. they would have freaked if they knew I was 7 cm dilated. Then we all went to the hospital together.

I just have to say that this woman was phenomenal and if it weren't for her and another midwife, things wouldn't have gone as well as they did. Neither midwife was scheduled to work, but they really were excited to help me and took time out of their days to be with me for the birth of my son.

Got to the hospital at 5pm. By the time we got checked in and settled it was around 6pm. Walked for a little while. They broke my water at 7pm when I was 8 cm dilated. I got in the shower as the cx began to intensify. At 7:30pm I had the urge to push. I pushed in the shower for about 45 min. I couldn't move and everyone prepared for me to give birth in the shower. There was music in the background, the lights were dim, aromatherapy going, I was being massaged by my doula. It was great. I finally moved over to the bed but couldn't bring myself to lay down, the intense pressure was far too uncomfortable for me so I stood the whole time next to the bed and would squat down as I pushed. My two midwives and a med student sat on the floor behind me for intermittent monitoring. It was like a big bizarre slumber party.

My cx were coming every 2 min like clockwork, and I pushed as I felt the urge. The midwives were so great about letting me work with my own body, they were just there for the show. My midwife massaged my perineum constantly and thanks to her, I had no tears or stitches. What a difference that makes in recovery! As the baby's head came down, they helped me reach inside and feel his head, I've never felt anything so soft. Then, after two hours of pushing, my baby boy, Joshua, was born. I sat down on the floor with my midwife and held my son for the first time.

I really wish I could revisit the practice of doctors who told me I was too small to deliver vaginally. I delivered an 8 lb 3 oz baby with no problem. My firstborn had just been a case of the problems posed by a posterior position.

Thanks to everyone here for the wealth of information that helped me make informed decisions. Best of luck to everyone!

Angela (27)

Joshua Paul (9/5 vbac!), Andrew ( 19 mos posterior c/s)

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AWESOME birthstory!! Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, Joshua Paul! ~Christina


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WOW, congradulations. What a wonderful story. You must be so thrilled to have had such a wonderful birthing team. hugs to you and your new bundle


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What a fantastic birth story!! Congratulations and welcome to your second son Joshua! what a great birth experience!! YAAAAY!!! :)


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You are what i aspire to be. This is exactly what I want. Everyone thinks I am out of mind for one- wanting a VBAC, and for two- wanting an unmedicated birth. My son was born via scheduled c sect due to complete placenta previa. I had no choice in the matter. For the health of me and my son this is what needed to be done. It took me a long time to get over it. Now that I am pregnant again, I want a VBAC! And I would love to have it without any meds. Should I hire a doula? I am with a high risk group because I do have medical issues that need to be dealt with during pregnancy, and I have had issues in the past. I am very comfortable with them. Do the hospitals let you do whatever you want if you are unmedicated, ie: take a shower, walk around, etc? Any insight would be appreciated.

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Congratulations!!!!!!! It such an awesome accomplishment--I too just had a VBAC and I'm so happy it worked out.
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Yes! I would definitely hire a doula. I was extremely determined to have a vbac and was willing to everything and anything to better my chances. It's nice to have someone there who is totally dedicated to you and your wishes. She can help you find natural ways to cope with the pain, etc.

As far as moving around, taking showers, etc, I think it really depends on your doctor and what she is comfortable with. My midwives were very flexible. I was allowed to walk first to stimulate active labor. I then spent all my time in active labor (ended up being only 30 min) in the shower. I pushed as I felt the need and they let me stay in any position I wanted. Had my midwife not been there, the resident on-call would have cared for me and the outcome would have been drastically different. The doctors would have required an internal monitor and my walks and showers would have been out the window. The doctors would have given me an episiotomy and my midwife massaged me instead and I didn't tear. I was lucky because my midwife was not on-call that day and I was her only patient. She was able to spend all of her time with me and do things like intermittent monitoring. Basically, having a supportive caregiver is the key. Make sure you and your doctor agree on those things that are most important to you.

Best of luck to you! I hope you get the birth of your dreams!