VBAC#2 very successful!

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VBAC#2 very successful!
Sun, 08-19-2012 - 7:44pm

I haven't posted here since my 1st VBAC, but I always find it a huge help to read others stories, so here goes!

My history.  In 2008, at 41.5 weeks I was induced with my first. He was considered an unfavorable induction b/c I wasn't dilated, effaced ,or anything. So night 1 was cervadil, then 2 days of pitocin and still no baby came.  Turns out he was sunny side up, but still I never dilated past what the foley catheter (i think that was the right term) made me do.  

My 2nd, in 2009, a little sooner than the doc wanted me to get pregnant was a very successful VBAC after 22 hours of labor. I had bloody show as I lost my mucous plug and contractions started around 7AM, my son was born at 415ish AM the following morning.  I had no pitocin, the only intervention was my water being broken for me.

My 3rd, just 3 weeks ago was a perfect, FAST labor.  My water broke at 41 weeks on the dot while I was stretching in bed at 640 am.  No ctx really started so at 1120am we headed to the hospital 2 miles away.  

I got to the hospital and had some non-painful contractions, that had increased to about 5 minutes apart.  My doc was not on call, and the on call doc wanted to start me on Pitocin. We were nervous and against it, but since I hadn’t spontaneously started labor in 5 hours since my water broke, it seemed like time.  Upon entry into the hospital, I got to skip triage and they sent me straight to a room.  I was 3cm, 70%, but still “thick”.  So, at 1, I got hooked up to Pitocin, and by 130 the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart, but not too painful.  By 3PM, I felt the urge to bear down, not push (it was just in my bottom). So I begged to be checked again.  Prior to this point we were in the chair/bed, just playing a game. I didn’t think I would have progressed too much.  But, I was pleasantly surprised when I was 6cm, 100% effaced, and the baby was engaged.  I decided to get the epidural then so it wouldn’t be too late. The anesthesiologist came right away, but my name wasn’t in the system so it took like 30 minutes of waiting for that.  By 345, the initial starter dose of the epidural was in, but as I went to lay down, I felt the most incredible urge to push.  It was a feeling in my bottom and front side, and there was no question of what I needed to do. I’ve never felt that sensation before, and  I tried to ignore the feeling because I figured that I was wrong since I had just been checked a few minutes prior.  The nurse took a look into my eyes before believing me and decided to call the doctor. The doctor quickly got in, and checked me and said it was time and the baby was coming down.  Two other nurses came in, and I started pushing. The epidural never got plugged in, but I got some relief.  At the time, I thought any minute the epidural would kick in. Turns out that I was benefiting from a placebo effect because the epidural never got in.  I started pushing at 4, and Abby was born at 421pm.  The afterbirth came really quickly after she did, and was easy. Pushing was a little bit hard to get the coordination, but she was so ready to come out, that it still only took 5-8 contractions to get her out. The strangest thing about my labor is how quick it went.  I never went through the typical transition, and I only had that ring of fire for an instant because I was able, on the same contraction, to get her pushed out.   It was perfect.  She weighed 7lbs 9 oz, and 20 ½ inches tall.  She is perfect.  



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Sun, 08-19-2012 - 10:33pm
Congratulations on your baby's birth and your successful vbac. I love reading birth stories. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Enjoy your little one.