36 week appointment update

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36 week appointment update
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 8:31pm
Unfortunately baby is breech. She's also weighing in at 7lb at 36 weeks. That's about right for me, my last one weighed 9lbs even. Midwife hasn't said anything about scheduling a c/s, just gave me an exercise to do to attempt to turn baby. If the baby hasn't turned by next week(Friday) they'll schedule me for an ECV. My midwife will try moxibustion first and if that doesn't work, we'll move on to the ECV. I have plenty of amniotic fluid, but not over the cut-off for what's safe. (22 and 28 is the cut-off) My only question is, if the baby turns, what is the likelihood of her turning back? She loves to change positions, doing so every couple of days(but I can't tell the difference between breech and head-down, just vertex and transverse).

I know I've seen the website, but with the stupid new boards, I'm not even going to attempt to find the post in the archives. Can someone give me the link to the baby-turning exercises. I remember "gentle birth" and "optimal fetal positioning", but can't tell you if they're one and the same. I'm just glad they're willing to attempt ECV even though I'm VBA2C.

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Fri, 03-28-2003 - 9:07pm

This is the link on Optimal Fetal Positioning:


I believe that there is more info at this site on breech presentation.

This is the chiropractic link, with info on the Webster technique and a list of docs who are certified to perform it:


If I were you, I would do everything you can, and then accept whatever happens. You have several weeks yet to do all the right things and see if you can get her to turn. There is a very good chance that your baby will simply flip back over by herself--36 wks is still early in the game. Some babies are just ornery. :) I had my 2nd c-section because of breech position--and he was head down my entire pregnancy!! I showed up at the hospital after my membranes ruptured, they did an exam, and found out that he was breech, so that was that. By the time they did my c-section, he was already halfway back around again (i.e. he was transverse, on his way back to the correct position).

Good luck! :)

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