Any success of a VBAC after 2c-sections?

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Any success of a VBAC after 2c-sections?
Thu, 12-31-2009 - 2:27pm

I had 1 emergency c-section and 1 forced c-section, they would not let me have a vaginal birth even though my water broke, my labor was progressing and I was at 4cm. My doc was on vacation, it was Thanksgiving, so I had the 2nd c-section.

Now, this time around, I want a vaginal birth. I wish I refused the c-section last time, but I didn't.

Anyone have success stories of a vbac after 2 csections?


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Thu, 12-31-2009 - 6:46pm

Congrats on your pregnancy and your decision to allow yourself the chance at a natural birth. I have not done this personally but know several women personally who have, which it what gave me the idea to ask around about the possibility of a VBA3C, which I will be attempting sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.

Find a great Dr., know your rights and take classes in one of the natural child birthing methods if at all possible(I prefer Bradley but hypnobirthing is another popular one). My heart goes out to you on that second c-section, how awful of them to do that to you. Best wishes with everything this time around!

Hugs and Angel Kisses,

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