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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 1:00am

With our first, we had planned a completely natural birth with no interventions. My high blood pressure led my MW to do some non-stress tests at the end of my pregnancy and she was unhappy with the number of movements and my baby's heartrate. It was too steady and did not fluctuate with my activity/position/contractions. After 2 weeks of threatening to induce me, she finally did it. After 8 hours on the pitocin, then a break overnight (not much was happening), a Foley bulb in my cervix (*&%$# ouch!), 5 more hours on the pit in the morning, the baby was reacting worse and worse with each (mild, non-productive) contraction so she decided it was time for a c-section. I was horrified and completely traumatized by the whole experience. It was hours before I saw my baby, days before he latched on,weeks before I bonded with my baby and 7 months later, my incision still hurts sometimes. My amazing husband is the only reason we came out of it all ok! I asked the OB (my MW's backup dr) at my post-op visit what she thought about a vbac and she said she saw no reason why I couldn't expect to have one. She said the reason for my csec was not related to my body, but rather to the baby,

Manda :)

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Hi Manda!

There are some great successes here! I'm sure by the time you are ready for the next baby, you will have plenty of knowledge behind you to convince that board of doctors! I hope you'll continue to hang around!