How do you handle first timers planning to c/s?

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How do you handle first timers planning to c/s?
Sun, 12-02-2012 - 7:07pm

I know someone at work who is going to have a c/s soon because her first baby is breech.  She isn't due for over a week yet, but b/c she's starting to efface, her dr wants to c/s her now, just in case she goes into labor with a breech baby.  I really am upset over this!  My coworker doesn't want a c/s, but says that she trusts her dr. 

I gave her the number of my chiropractor who has a 100 percent track record for turning babies.  I don't know if she'll see him or not. 

I believe in making informed decisions.  I think my coworker isn't informed.  There's no reason for her to have a c/s a week before her due date b/c of a breech baby.  There are no problems with her or her baby besides him being breech.  This is her first baby, so he'll likely come late anyway. I gave her the chiropractor's number and was supportive of her, no matter what she chose to do, but I still don't feel right about the situation, kwim?

Having already had a c/s and having/hoping to vbac, how do you handle these types of situations?


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How do I handle it? By very quietly and invisibly melting into a puddle. At least not too many of my friends/acquaintences are getting pregnant. And none of them are asking my advice. On the rare occasion that I'm really confronted, I tend to say things like, "Don't worry; MOST births go well"

(I had a VBAC and it was good, but the c-section was the stuff of a soap opera combined with pain porn.)

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