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Okay so I want a to have a VBAC, like you can't believe.....this is my third pregnancy and I've had a c-section and a vaginal birth.

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I am so sorry for your previous loss. How far along were you? If you were later in pregnancy, then you can already claim a successful vbac. (that sounds bad. I hope you know what I mean. ) It's true that most drs won't induce a vbac woman. I lost my first child at ten days after my due date, so I always induced my other kids before I got too close to that ten day mark. I had a c/s due to a placenta previa. I had never gone into labor on my own (always induced) so I was worried when I wanted to vbac, too. My mw did extra u/s to keep an eye on my baby after my due date. I went into labor on my own at 41w6d and vbaced my baby at exactly 42 weeks. Have you tried any labor techniques to get labor going? We have lots of ideas if you need. Keep us posted.


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I have not yet had a VBAC (but I'm planning one for our next). I do have a friend that recently had one. She went into labor at 38.5 weeks I believe. She had scheduled a repeat c/s at 39 wks but baby knew what he wanted! Her labor was so fast that by the time she reached the hospital, the nurses told her she wasn't getting a c/s because that baby was on his way out! Everything went really well for her and her new baby. Drs don't like to induce vbac because of the intense contractions that pitocin causes. They are afraid that it could contribute to the risk of uterine rupture.

Good luck and don't let those small-minded people bully you! Baby will come when she is ready. And, as someone who induction did not work for, I would say that you'd probably rather go into labor on your own. Besides, an induction automatically doubles your chances of needing a c/s. That is something to think about. Of course, there are lots of home remedies that claim to start labor and as long as there are no risks, it couldn't hurt to give them a try. :)

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I haven't had one yet, but plan to. I know several people that have had successful VBACs, one at 43 weeks! You can do it! Like others on here have said the contractions caused during an induction pull the uterus in odd ways and might contribute to a rupture, which why it is avoided.
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I hope you're feeling a little less anxious and that you're getting some sleep!

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I had a VBAC at age 42 (what's this about too old?) after having a preemie by c-section due to HELLP and an early miscarriage. My OB was reasonably supportive at the time, but she was not on duty when I went into labor. I was quite happy that the other OB didn't hardly do anything. The nurses were on my side, but I seemed to know more about natural birth than they did. (The doctor, if she knew anything about how to help a natural birth, wasn't telling me, I suspect because it was Saturday night and I was not her patient.)

Knowing what I know now, I would not be afraid of being told they won't give me an epidural (it didn't work for the c-section) or induce labor (the one thing I've never done; from the stories I've heard, it's scarier than either unmedicated OR a c-section) . If they don't give an epidural, you're able to move and try different positions, which is a lot better than lying there with a failed epidural and probably makes labor go a lot faster, though I'll admit to a total lack of any basis for comparison. (Still, I had probably about 2 hours of strong contractions and 1 1/2 hours of pushing. I was listening more to the nurses at the pushing stage, which may have been a mistake).

Best advice -- don't induce and don't try to get the baby out before 42 weeks. For what it's worth, I went into labor at about 2 days after my "40 week" appointment. (After the "nice" doctor started talking about "nothing is happening, I think we'd better talk about induction")

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I'm really sorry that you're not getting the support that you should be getting from your providers.