My birth plan has yet to be planned ://

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My birth plan has yet to be planned ://
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 11:51am
I have just entered my 3rd trimester and I've yet to have an official "birth plan"! I had a csection with my oldest march of 2007 due to his heart rate dropping and even stopping at one point so it was an emergency procedure. Now I want to have a VBAC. My doctor isn't really as involved as I'd like (honestly she sucks socially but is one of the top OB/Gyns here). So I'm confused! She says it's possible for me to deliver naturally and my age at the time of my first pregnancy could've been a big factor on why I couldn't deliver naturally. I was 17. My husband feels I should do a planned csection, because we will know what to expect. But I want to do a VBAC! Or Atleast try too! Can anyone help me, maybe share your experience with a VBAC. Please!!
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Thu, 08-16-2012 - 5:16pm
Congratulations on your pregnancy. I recently had a c/s for a similar reason. I have had vaginal births, vbac, and 2 c/s. I had a past c/s for a complete placenta previa.

recovering from a vaginal birth is so much easier. While it is true that you know what to expect from a c/s, there could be complications or other issues that come up this time that didn't come up last time.

I'm glad you have a good dr,but if she's not on board with letting you vbac, then you may want to look elsewhere.

I can only speak for myself, but the day after I had my vbac I was driving. (I had a water birth at a birth center.) With my c/s, I couldn't drive for weeks or take care of my baby without help.

With my first c/s, my baby ended up in the hospital twice in the first month of life because of adverse reactions to the c/s. With my recent c/s, my baby had a wet spot on one lung (common in c/s births) and his other lung collapsed. He was in nicu for 15 hours and is thankfully okay now. Because of that same c/s(which was necessary because his cord was wrapped around his shoulder causing him to not be able to breathe as the cord compressed against the pelvis) i lost a lot of blood, needed four blood transfusions and am now severely anemic. All of these complications are worth it considering that my baby was barely able to breathe, but i would not choose to have a c/s without a life or death reason. But that's my personal experience and beliefs. Please feel free to ask questions and let us know how you're doing.