nervous about VBAC

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nervous about VBAC
Tue, 02-09-2010 - 12:03am

SO mostly I am scared about trying a VBAC. I really want to, but things went so badly so quickly last time. I just don't know if I can trust my body to do it. My OB says he won't tell me no, but I know that he isn't a big fan. But for the most part he lets me labor however I want to. Last time he even told the nurse to get off my back about pushing :)

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Tue, 02-09-2010 - 12:39am

There are, so I've heard, counselors specifically for bad birth experiences. I've not seen one, but I understand that if you do look for that kind of thing, you really want a specialist. (You don't need a clueless person with a degree in counseling who will tell you to "Just get over it; you had a healthy baby.") Or there's a particular childbirth class called "Birthing from Within" (again I only know reputation) that puts a lot of emphasis on the emotional aspects.

Or you can tell your story here. A lot of people have been around & had all kinds of experiences. After my c-section (which was pretty hairy, but not typical) I wanted to find out everything that was knowable about why it happened, and how it could be predicted or prevented in the future. That helped a lot. Or, if you prefer, there is a "negative birth experience" board. It isn't too active right now, but I think there are a lot of lurkers.

Cthulu Crochet

Cthulu Crochet

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Tue, 02-09-2010 - 8:10pm

It's good you recognize and want to talk about your emotions surrounding birth- both past and future birth experiences.

There are some very understanding people on this board, and a lot of experience. If you want to talk here, you'll find support.

If you feel like sharing what happened with your prior birth, and how you feel about it, that might be something to talk about. Do you think your emotions played a part in the outcome of the prior birth? If you'd rather not share, of course that's totally ok, too!


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Tue, 02-09-2010 - 10:15pm

Hi Ally,

Welcome to the board!