Probably should have posted here a while ago... =)

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Probably should have posted here a while ago... =)
Wed, 01-11-2012 - 1:21pm

As you can see i'm 32 weeks and starting to get nervous about my VBAC!
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I'm glad you posted. You've had a wild ride already this pregnancy. I'm glad you found another midwife and a doula. I go over with my babies too. Some of us just cook babies longer than others. What has your new midwife said about the possibility of you going over 42 weeks again?

My vbac baby was born at exactly 42 weeks. My sister was my moms third baby and she was overdue by a whole month. That was a surprise for my mom because her first two came within a day or two of the due date.

Good luck. Let us know how you're doing.


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So glad to finally see yo here!!! I feel the same way the closer I get to my due date the more anxious i become. I had my sections at 40 weeks and at 39 weeks, both times i was sectioned "cold" no labor at all, although I remember at about 39 weeks with DS being told that I was 1 cm and 70 %, I'm afraiad that I will be way overdue and that baby will be too big for my scar to handle, my kids were 8lb10oz and 8lb1oz, that coupled with waiting for my 3hr glucose results is maddening. I have resolved that whatever will be will be, I have been able to find a new doc that is very supportive that assured me he wouldn't intervene unless it was necessary, that he would let labor go at it's own pace. There is the looming possibilty that another section is in my future but I feel like I'm prepared for it, if it happens, becasue i know that it would be medically necessary and not for any other reason. Stay strong and focused, We can do it!!!

How awesome would it be if we had them on the same day!
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