week 40 is upon me

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week 40 is upon me
Sun, 08-15-2010 - 10:30pm

Hi all, I am just about to start my 40ieth week and I have a deadline of this Thursday to get this baby out naturally or else a section. I have had lots of signs this is going to be successful, but it seems to have been two steps forward one step back for the last two weeks.

I have GD so my doctor is not keen on letting this pregnancy go further than my due date. My first child was large, as a result of undiagnosed GD, and thus I never got this far with him.

This baby is engaged, braxton-hicks are going on, and most of the other points to look for are happening.

Just looking for some words of wisdom, or if anyone else is in the same boat. I am really feeling negative at this point and am about to give up trying for VBAC. I am off for a second round of acupuncture to start things off....so fingers crossed.

also, if anyone has any words of advice on how to mentally be ok with a section after my body has done a great job of getting ready to deliver naturally.....anything will help. This baby thing is messing with my emotions and mind! lol


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Mon, 08-16-2010 - 12:07pm
GD is another BS reason for giving you Thursday as the deadline. So, the baby will be SO MUCH bigger by waiting until Saturday, or even next Monday, right? Please! And if your GD is fairly well controlled, you may just have an average or a slightly above average baby. Oh well. My last baby (third VBAC) was born at home (she was above average at 9 pounds, 4 ounces) and I didn't even tear! My midwife has delivered 2 babies over 12 pounds at peoples houses and everything has been fine! Please don't let them force you into a cesarean. Hold your head high, keep your confidence, and simply don't show up for the cesarean if you have to. Believe in yourself. The more confidence you have and the fewer interventions you have the higher your chances.
Crystal... First birth emergency cesarean after a cascade of typical ridiculous interventions, 2 hospital VBACs, and home birth VBAC last April.
Crystal... First birth emergency cesarean after a cascade of typical ridiculous interventions, 2 hospital VBACs, and 1 home birth water VBAC.
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Mon, 08-16-2010 - 3:13pm

Don't give up girl. I had a similar situation with my VBA3C in Feb., she didn't think she needed to come. I did two rounds of acupuncture as well, lol. I also canceled an induction two days after my EDD, they were going to do some "light" things to get me going, foly cath etc. Anyhow, my doula encouraged me to think about it and I canceled. My dr. said I could only go till 42 weeks and insisted on a sono to check fluids, size, etc but no non-stress test, I had that done in labor because I wasn't wanting to go to the hospital right way and they said I needed to come in or be on my way to the hospital in labor, so I came in. My Dr. had been so great, I didn't want to upset him, while I was there for my test they asked me to see the Dr. as I was obviously in labor and when he checked me I was 4.5 and said that he didn't love it, but I could go home for a while if I wanted. I chose to go home and was so happy I made that choice, labor was long and L&D was just waiting for me when I arrived. Things were in full swing when I came in and eventually they broke my water and I ended up with an epi, since I was blacking out with contractions, her nose was in my hip. After the epi, I dilated fast and was given a chance to rest before they turned her and I began to push. She was out in an hour and I was super thrilled. She was 11 days late:-) 8 lbs 4 oz. Don't let them push you girl, pp is right you can just not go in, just be smart about it, babies don't like to be pushed out before their time. I wish you the best- A great delivery and healthy baby.

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Tue, 08-17-2010 - 6:30pm
I had GD this pregnancy and never once was there any concerns of letting me go full term and try a VBAC. I did go early however. Anyway I think the big thing for me was I really wanted the vbac to be successful so I did everything I could get get things moving. DTD, walks, I used an exercise ball to do some hip rotations and squats to help open things up. You name it I tried it.
Hang in there and dont give up if you really want to go for the VBAC. Have they done u/s to check on babies size?
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