Help during pregnancy depressed?

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Help during pregnancy depressed?
Sun, 05-26-2013 - 1:16am

So everything started with me when I found out the gender of the baby, it's a girl, I have always wanted a girl, this is my last pregnancy since dh and I have one son together and he has a son from a previous marriage. well idk how to explain this, but every time I pick something up for the nursery I get like a sick feeling in my stomach, I guess you can say like a nervous stomach type thing, Idk how to explain it, it's like I want to completely avoid doing anything for baby because I'm scared that's my body telling me something bad is going to happen. I do suffer from anxiety & some slight depression, but I just can't shake the thought that I won't be coming home with my daughter, even when people talk about her arrival I get a nervous stomach almost like I want to puke. It's so very strange since I haven't had this with my first, I was blissfully ignorant to any possibility of anything going wrong.

I believe this all started when I read stories of mothers going into labor and finding out that their little ones passed away the day before and that scares me, and makes me feel like it's bound to happen to me. setting things up for the baby throws me into a whirl of emotions, and I again get that sick feeling in my stomach.When people say her name I feel this way also.

the best way I can describe it, is when you found out your bf has been cheating on you, or that he doesn't want to be with you anymore, I associated it with that feeling because back when I was younger I'd get that feeling, and the thought of them being with someone else made me sick.

Also the closer to my due date the more scared and worried I get since I can't even Imagine myself giving birth or even looking at her )=


So please if you have felt this way please help ease my mind!! I'd love to hear POSITIVE stories since I'm only 6 days (39 weeks 1 day)away from my induction date and can't handle hearing anything negative. Thank you all so very much and please pray for us!

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Sat, 06-08-2013 - 12:30am

I just saw your post and wanted to welcome you to iVillage!!  

I would imagine you had your baby as you posted over a week ago that you were going to be induced.

I hope you are doing well and would love to hear about your new baby girl.

I am not sure what has happened, but please reply and know that I am thinking of you and hoping you are doing well.  

I will look for your reply.  Again, welcome to iVillage!