Any other "GRANDMA'S" in their 30's????

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Any other "GRANDMA'S" in their 30's????
Wed, 01-04-2012 - 4:27pm

When I got married 10 years ago, I adopted my husband's two kids (ages 11 and 7)... 10 years later I'm a "GiGi"... yes she's made some wrong decisions but haven't we all? Anyway, she is now living with us with her 4 month old son trying to get back on her feet again.

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I just wanted to welcome you! Im jenn (28), married to zach, mommy to DD Hannah and expecting #2 in Aug. When we had Hannah we were only 20 and my Inlaws let us live with them for 4 years while I finished nursing school ad we got in our feet. Now my 21 year old sister and 2 month old nephew live with us while she & her boyfriend finish school and get on their feet.

So from someone who's been in both sides of it I just wanted to say you are a wonderful mother to support her that way. Why your doing is truely wonderful! All the best to your whole family! Stick around and get to know the ladies here. I don't think there's any other "grandmas" but there are certainly kind, open women!

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