Alice Munro!!!!

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Alice Munro!!!!
Thu, 10-10-2013 - 7:48pm

Doing my Canadian feminist happy dance!!!

One of my favorite authors!

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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 9:27am

I've never read anything by her.  The front-page NY Times article about her made me want to, though.  Which book would you recommend to a new reader?

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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 9:54am

An Embarrassed Canadian here-I'm not much of a Short story reader-but I am going to begin reading some of her books. I'm hoping DD#1 can loan me some of her books when we see her on the weekend.

That is pretty amazing-recognized by the world body of Nobel Prize for Literature!


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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 11:05am

Anything by her is great. There is one ... good introduction.. "My Best Stories"  published in 2009. There is also her last book.."Dear Life" published in 2012. 

She writes short stories, lovely glimpses of lfe.

Enjoy.. I am off to the bookstore and library today to get re-acquainted .

PS. Surprised  that courageous 16 year old did not win the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Fri, 10-11-2013 - 11:49am
Like Nora, I hadn't read any of her books. I recognized her name & was thrilled like all Canadians should be. I have now downloaded 5 of her books to read even though they aren't typically what I would read. Dee
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Sat, 10-12-2013 - 12:57am

This should give you all a taste of her.  Some of the stories display fully, some you have to subscribe to the New Yorker to read, which is NOT be a bad thing.  The NY stories span 1977 to 2012, so you get a good view of her development as a writer.  Her stories are very evocative of time and place, but are not my cup of tea.  Too...sad.  The men in her stories are either angry, or ineffectual.  No relationships are every completely happy or fulfilled, altho many endure.  I suspect this is a reflection of her own feelings, and perceived station in life, coming of age as she did in the 40's and 50's.

For a look at women who did not feel so repressed by their times, try "West with the Night" by Beryl Markham, "Straight on Till Morning- the biography of Beryl Markham", by Mary Lovell, and "Out of Africa" by Isek Dinesen ( the pen name of Karen Blixen, who was a contemporary of Beryl Markham's).