Anybody ever have a "dream job"?

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Anybody ever have a "dream job"?
Sun, 06-23-2013 - 10:42am

Why I'm asking - as I posted before, my son quit his job with Liberty Mutual Insurance in Boston and now he's working for NBC Sports Network,  Tell me, what 24 yr. old male or female wouldn't want a job working for a sports network (i.e. ESPN) where you & I know employees get to attend games, travel & get some pretty nice perks.  Whether it's working for Google, Apple or some other dream job - let's face it - working for "certain" companies does have its advantages.  Especially even if the salary is lower, the "perks" make up for it.  Briefly, I visited my Mom yesterday & apparently my son talked to her because he prefers "grandma's" advice or me, his mother.  Apparently, he thinks an 89 yr. old grandmother has more wisdom & advice than a 59 yr. old mother.  Well, whatever.  So, my Mom told me yes, he had 2 job offers.  Guess what the other one was?  He turned down an offer with Harvard Medical School.  Really???  Then I thought about it & if you're 24 yrs. old, yes I would probably choose NBC Sports over Harvard Medical.  Unless you're into meds & science - which my son is not.  I will have to say, NBC Sports does beat out working for an insurance company.  I'm hoping he will be happy & not screw it up.

As for me, my only "dream job" was in my 20's working for Webb Institute of Naval Architecture in Glen Cove, NY.  At the time, I was the same age as the college students.  The dream part was during the summers, a co-worker & I would spend our lunch time on the beach & sunbathe for an hour.  In addition, we got invited to several dances & working there was a blast.

Fast forward to today - I want to let everyone know I passed both exams to getting my real estate license.  The exams were hard but I studied well.  Now I'm encountering the difficult part.  I've been interviewing with several brokers & what I'm gathering is given the high unemployment & recent recession, real estate brokers are not so quick in hiring.  I'm in limbo at the moment waiting to hear from a few brokers.  If nothing pans out, I start Plan B - giving my application to property management companies.  Plan C = getting a regular job.  Wishing I had the luck or ease my son has in finding a job - or better yet - wishing I was 24 yrs. old again - not.



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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 12:41pm

Wow - congrats to both you and your son - hopefully something will open up for you soon.

Dream job - well, I guess my first one after grad school at a huge defense contractor, BUT there was quite a bit of company politics and there was no way around that. And I was helping blind people.  So we were doing leading edge technology but it was in defense.  Now I help people keep or regain their sight - not so cutting edge but the people are great.  So I guess it's a balance.

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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 1:42pm

Unfortunately I haven't really had a "dream" job.  You might know I"m a lawyer and right now I'm pretty much hating the job I've had for about 17 yrs now.  I basically started there part time because I was divorced with 2 young kids and most lawyer jobs require more than 40 hrs a week to work.  Eventually I did move up to working 5 days a week but I feel like my boss still thinks of me a some kind of part timer since I get no benefits.  I don't want to go on & whine about my job.  I had an interview to work with the court and the judges who interviewed me kind of laughed when I said that was my dream job for now, but it is--unfortunately I didn't get the job.

My best friend's son, who's 24, got a job (with mom's help) working for a local jewelry company.  His salary is in the mid-40's, not bad for someone right out of college!  His job involves looking for new store locations, I think.  So the owner of this company is making so much money that she bought a local winery.  They also are one of the sponsors of polo matches so he gets tickets to that.  I have to say that my DD, who is 24, is a pediatric nurse, and she really likes her job also.

I posted something on Facebook one day about whether people enjoyed their jobs and I was surprised to hear that a lot of my friends really liked their work.  Good luck with your new field.  I do think that there is age discrimination in hiring, but people are subtle about it.  I am looking for a new job too cause I don't think I can stand staying at this place 10 more years.

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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 2:27pm

 Yes!  Congrats to both you and your son!  Actually, I've always rather wanted to be a real estate broker myself,,but need a steady paycheck withe benefits. My dream job is going to sound VERY old was raising my 4 daughters.  I know that sounds nuts, but I LOVED everything about it.  Those were the best years of my life.  I taught Lamaze when they were little in the evenings after my ex got home.  I enjoyed that, but once my girls got in school, evening work didn't work so well, so I quit doing that and started substitute teaching.  I had my teaching degree, but chose to stay home and raise my children and then tried my hand at it once my youngest started Kindergarten.  After 2 years of trying to discipline unruly kids, I knew it wasn't for me.  I did some soul-searching and decided I'd rather work with adults, so applied for a receptionist position which worked eventually into a full-time admiinistrative assistant position which I hold today.  Not exciting, but I try to focus on the positive, like benefits, 5 weeks of PTO (which I built up to by staying with the company for 12 years), a steady paycheck, and the knowledge that I know where I'm going every day (unlike substitute teaching).  As a young person, I was not unlike many small town midwestern girls and dreamed of a more glamorous life which to me, meant traveling the world, so, while in college, I applied to TWA to be a flight attendant, but wasn't hired.  They wanted people with either a college degree or people experience and, cominng from a small town and being only 18 years old, I had neither.  BUT, at least I tried.  Maybe I shouldn't have given up so easily, but I returned to college and focused on getting my degree instead. 

I think your son's job AND yours sound great.  :)


My 2 older daughters both went to college and have jobs, but I'm not sure either of them would say it's their "dream job" although I think they like their jobs well enough.

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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 7:53pm

Actually I have had several "Dream Jobs" that were there at the right time!

When I first graduated -I started to work at the hospital I'd trained at, shifts which I hated, but I found out they'd hire me straight days, 4 days/week & only every 3rd weekend-no benefits. But it was better than shifts & every other weekend, I had benefits under Mike. And going back after Susan was born-I went back weekends only-when her Dad was home, no day care needed. Again-perfect for my current situation.

After Karen came along-I didn't return to work for years-being SAHM was perfect for those days-I enjoyed my kids & my time with them.

Eventually I had to return to work-shifts, weekends-blech. But I finally got to the perfect job-Pediatrics, small ward, nice people to work with-I loved it. Unfortunately, it didn't last long & we moved here. Still mostly Peds-but much bigger unit, 12 hour shifts & a lot more stress for a few years, even cutting back to 8 hour shifts helped some.

But fate stepped in again-I got to be SAHM with Adam & I thoroughly enjoyed that year. I had to return to work Peds again-but then I was offered a straight days, every weekend off & a boss who was not only empathetic but seemed to mean it when he said "Adam comes first"-none of the "Sorry he's sick, but you're booked to work & you are expected to be here!" If the weather was bad, I cancelled my home visits (I was working for a home oxygen company-making sure they were doing okay)Five years of that was great-long enough to get everyone through the years of university they wanted & they were done when the job was done!

Now I'm retired & I like this just fine. I worked enough years, enough shifts & weekends to appreciate the freedom to garden or sew or knit when I want. Life ain't perfect-but it's pretty darn good now.


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Mon, 06-24-2013 - 12:09am

A "dream" job, or a job for a "dream" company is often not so much of a dream, once you walk in the door.  Don't forget that a dream job is a JOB.  A friend's son worked for ESPN for a couple years, as a cameraman.   Yes, he did get to attend games, but all he saw was what HIS camera was assigned to be pointed at, for the entire duration of the game.  In the cold, in the rain, in the blistering heat.  His biggest perk was someone liked him enough to cover for him and give him a bathroom break.

Another friend was a film editor on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Working 60 hour weeks indoors, head in a computer, he won 2 Daytime Emmys for Multicamers Editing.  He had to pay for his own travel and lodging to Cali, and since he only got paid on production, he didn't get paid.  And Oprah didn't know him from a dead mackrel, despite he worked on her show for 12 years.  Till she up and closed everything.  Yeah, he got some "perks".  Once she gave the entire staff --women AND men-- full length fur coats.  It gets cold in Chicago, ya know. 

And what is a dream job at one time, can morph into an albatross around your neck.  Before I had kids, my dream job was to be in managment.  2 years out of college, I landed a job as the manager of the group benefits department of a major manufacturing company.  The president of the company hired me because he wanted new blood, and my ideas impressed him.  I was making a small fortune (for 40 years ago), but the guy who thought he SHOULD have gotten my job found out, and broadcast it to everyone else in my department.  Who were 30 years older than me, and resented the ground I walked on.  My office was right outside the production floor.  It was hot, smelly, there were bars on the window, and roaches on the floor.  And 2 months before my wedding, they lost one too many contracts to factories in Guatemala, and closed the doors.

Then I worked in group insurance benefits for 18 years.  Promoted till I was managing 50 employees, over 2 shifts, and traveling to help "convert" new companies we aquired in leveraged buyouts.  Working all hours, always afraid that the next job that would be "converted" would be my own, if the person in "my" position in the next company we aquired, was one day younger, or $10 dollars cheaper.  Trying to deal with house, hubby, 2 kids with "ADD+" and a mom with emphysema, diabetes, HPB, CAD, and Parkinson's. 

So I left my "dream" job at age 40, to return to school for a SECOND college degree, in Science instead of Arts this time, and became a  Dental Hygienist.  That was ALSO my "dream" job.  I was able to work close to home, part time, making good money, managing only MYSELF, making a difference for my patients, and able to spend quality time with my family.

I still love Hygiene, altho a couple days a week is more than enough, since I'm also daycaring my granddaughter, which is my CURRENT "dream job".

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Mon, 06-24-2013 - 2:07pm

You mentioned two interesting things:  one is that you used to work in Glen Cove, where I lived for a couple of years until my DS was 13mo, and the other was your son's choice to work for NBC Sports.  My nephew was one semester away from his MA in Education when he got an offer from a sports network to cover college basketball, which has been his passion since elementary school.  He had his own independent blog and the sports network saw it and offered him a job.  Apparently he likes it very much.  His brother works for a sports team, and while it requires a lot of hustle (sports teams don't play year-round, so he has to combine that job with other seasonal jobs), he's got plenty of hustle.  Both of them are pretty happy.

And my niece seems to be in her dream job.  After getting her MSW she got the exact job she wanted with the exact population she wanted.  Of course that is different from hustling your way into a sports job, but still - nice to see some of my 20-something family members doing what they wanted to do.

I never had a dream job.  I graduated at 20 and went to work in an office right away just so I could start earning money.  Except for two years of grad school, I've worked full-time since I was 20yo.  I've been self-employed for a couple of years now and love the flexibility.  Don't always love the work itself, but I love the life it gives me.

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Mon, 06-24-2013 - 7:21pm

Congrats to your son for landing a job that he considers a dream job. What type of work does he do? Will his position give him perks like passes to be a spectator at games etc? We'll be tuned in to his new station for much of the month of July (for a few hours each day) for the Tour de France coverage...but I'm guessing that the skill set that takes him from an insurance company to either Harvard Medical School or NBC Sports may not be one that appears on the post event credits on TV.

Congrats to you to Kathy on passing your exams. I hope that you are able to get in with a broker soon. Are you hoping for residential or commercial? We have a good friend who became a commercial agent several years ago and I think he's doing very well but I imagine that its more specalized than residential. What would you do for a property mgmt company, if it comes to that?

As for a dream job, I can't say that I ever had one. I have had jobs that worked pretty well with my lifestyle at that given time such as part time work when the kids were young or seasonal work when I was in my 20s with very low overhead and enjoyed long stretches of not working. 

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Tue, 06-25-2013 - 10:59am
Congrats to you & your DS on your recent successes. I landed my first dream job right out of university at a time when it was almost impossible to get a job esp in Accounting. I was hired to replace a woman who told me the boss was horrible. I had been working on a short term contract to transfer manual files onto the computer & she just quit one day. He was a sweet teddy bear with a very gruff exterior. We were a small leasing office where he was the office mgr/accountant & he let me take over anything I wanted to learn. So I started as a receptionist/keypunch operator then became a secretary & finally what I had trained for an accountant. Each time I moved, he had me find my own replacement so I learned to write job ads, interview, hire & manage all of my replacements. . We were actually a small part of a large car dealership & 18 mths after I started, the office mgr for the new/used side demanded that I come work for her. I was so upset that I looked for a new job as she had a terrible reputation for being a witch to work for. Jobs were scarce & so I ended up working for her. She started out tough but realized that I was a hard worker & wanted to learn as much as possible, so once again the terrible boss became a dream boss. This was a valuable lesson for me to learn. I have only had 2 terrible bosses in a 36 yr career & both were women who weren't good at dealing with people but were brilliant. One of my best jobs was working as mgr for mergers, acquisitions & divestitures or MAD as we called it. I was responsible for handling the HR/people transitions into or out of our company. I loved interacting with other companies & working to find the best win/win for employees within the Financial restrictions of the deal. I felt I made a real difference with the personal coaching/counseling I did for employees coming or leaving. Towards the end of my career, I was in an HR Consultant role for IBM which was also a dream job. I loved the role but your clients make it more interesting. I supported Canada's CFO who was new to her role & we made major changes to the Finance organization that were very successful. She was also interested in my ideas when we were dealing with economic issues that could affect HR policies which I had 20+ yrs of experience to base my ideas on. I also supported a large sales organization where the VPs were supportive of HR (some aren't) & we did some good things for employees during tough economic times. I always enjoyed the perks that come with Sales as we didn't have them in HR. I got to travel to Texas & Florida several times for sales meetings which was really a treat because we would normally be gone for 3 days & my time on the agenda was an hr at most, so not a lot to prepare. Dee