April Fool's Day

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April Fool's Day
Tue, 04-01-2014 - 8:16pm

Did you get pranked today? Or see anybody else get pranked? (I'm sure that none of us would pull an April Fool's joke on anybody!...but just in case, did you trick anybody?) 

So far so good here. I got a few prank-type emails is all. The cutest one was from a grocery chain saying that they now have fresher eggs accompanied by a photo of the store egg section with some chickens in it; and express lane with a car in the store. What did we do before PhotoShop?!

What would you consider too mean for a joke? A few years ago I saw one that I thought was too mean. It was on a local tv station's morning show, there were 2 anchors with a female who generally acted kind of ditzy. The male told her that there was a new app for the iPad that allowed you to taste something through the screen, and he showed her a picture of some food. She was skeptical but he kept insisting it was real and he got her to lick the screen. The male anchor, weatherman, and behind the scene crew all started laughing hysterically and she was so humiliated that she ran off the set in tears. Then they gave her a hard time for running off. It went viral on YouTube so the poor woman had to endure being the butt of jokes for days. IMO public humiliation is waaay below the belt and it definitely gave me a negative impression of the male anchor. If I had fallen for such a trick I'm not sure that I would be able to sit there and laugh at myself either....not with a lot of other people watching anyway.

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Wed, 04-02-2014 - 10:18am

Nothing happened here-but we had to be on the road early, so I guess we didn't hear of much. In times past, the Engineers from the local university would do things like "Hang a Volkswagon (car)from the bridge" or put a truck on top of a campus building-but I don't think they did anything this year.

Of course, the kids did their usual-& taught Adam the usual "Mom-come quick, there's an elephant in the living room!" at which point I had to run & be horrified-then surprised that it wasn't so.

I think the best one I can remember is the neighbours who, with the help of their father, moved their mother's car & when she looked out the front window realized her car was not in the driveway. How the girls managed to keep from giving it away I don't know-but finally they took her out to the backyard & showed her that it was there-safe & sound!


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Wed, 04-02-2014 - 12:44pm
Nothing here for April fools. I forgot it was April 1st. I've never been big on pranks but used to enjoy the kids trying to fool me when they were little. Dee
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Wed, 04-02-2014 - 1:21pm

I read something online Sunday night that ended up being an April Fool, and as it had to do with F1 racing and one of the drivers quitting because of a team thing that happened at Sunday's race, forwarded it to 2 guys at work who are big fans too - they had fun with it too.  Nothing serious.  I'm glad no one has ever been meanly pranked that I'm aware of...in some cases it doesn't take much to be mean!