Attended Smokey Robinson concert tonight - LOVED IT!!!

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Attended Smokey Robinson concert tonight - LOVED IT!!!
Sun, 09-15-2013 - 11:23pm

Hubby and I had a great time listening to all the classic songs.  He sang songs from the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, his own collection, etc.  He said Stevie & him are like brothers.  What I'd like to know (& I'm sure the audience) is what's his secret for being able to bounce around on stage without some part of the body tearing a ligament or in pain.  And what's his diet secret?  Geez, can I have a physique like him when I get to be his age?  He just put all those 20 something singers to shame. 

Anyway, the audience was about 90% baby boomers - what a shame.  The younger generations need to learn his music and realize what they're missing.  I loved the way he got the audience to interact - ex. he sang "My Girl", then had the entire audience sign the song solo - 2x - the first time it wasn't loud enough.  Later, he invited 2 members of the audience & split the audience in 1/2 to sing along with him in a duet.

It was a fun night - considering hubby and I don't get out much.


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Sounds like fun! How large was the venue? Wondering how many fans he can still draw per concert (or "show" as they call it now). That's great that he's still in good shape and more importantly, that his voice is still good. I guess he knew to take care of himself.

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WOW! Sounds like a fun night for sure, Kathy. Also sounds as if he knows his audience well!