Between Christmas and the New Year...

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Between Christmas and the New Year...
Sun, 12-29-2013 - 6:44pm

We enjoyed Christmas children (save for Michael in Berlin, of course) joined us for the day, as did our friend, Susanne.  Now we are gearing up for New Year's.  We are invited to some friends' for New Year's eve.  This happens to be the home of a co-worker of Ray's who also worked with him way back in the former days of working at Ray's first employer - so it appears many on the guest list will be friends and co-workers of Ray's of those days gone by.  I won't really know many if any of them...but whatever, who doesn't mind going out for an evening of some socializing?  At least I'm not doing the work and can sit back to enjoy.   

Tomorrow we have invited a couple, good friends of ours, for dinner at our home.  On New Year's day itself we'll have my children over again for dinner.  Today I spent much of the afternoon making up turkey pot pie filling and then assembling the filling into individual aluminum pie plates and a pie dough over top each.  Some will go to my children.  And so the leftover turkey meat has been used up this way.  I also made two pots of turkey broth from the carcass.  (We had to break the carcass into two pieces to fit into two large pots!).  So we have lots of turkey broth for soup making.  (Some used for making the pie filling).

Ray has this time off between Christmas and New Year's.  What have you folks here been up to? 


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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 7:00pm

We don't have much planned. A friend had planned a visit-Kathy remembered the year her dh died & said that having a friend come for New Year's helped her-so she & her partner were planning a visit. Alas-his mother died last evening & the visit is not to be. Poor old soul was a good age-105yrs young-but her timing was a bit off. So we shall spend it alone.

Two of our kids were here this past Friday, our other dd will be here on this weekend (her boys are in multiple hockey tournaments-so her time is not her own).

But other than that-our mid-holiday time is going to be quiet. Mom came on Friday, & she will come again with Karen. In some ways, maybe having them come separately works well? 6 grandkids (ages 6 to 14) + 5 dogs + 7 adults (one of whom can't hear above the din)-it gets a bit crazy. The 3 cats who live here hide until everyone is gone...wise animals that they are! But at the same time or separately-I do love a full house!


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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 8:01pm

Also had a good Christmas,  ended up with 11 instead  of our expected 10 because DD3 boyfriend was able to join us, plus DD1 brought one of her dogs.

Been kind of a lazy week/weekend.   I go back to work on Tues and then am off again on Wed for the holiday.  DH is off the entire week.  

For New Years Eve we are following our traditon of the last 10 or so years and going to some friend's house.  Lot  of fun, game playing and too much food. 

We don't really do anything for New Year's Day.  Usually I take my Christmas decorations down. 

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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 8:57pm

The usual here - went to dh's mom's for Christmas, then everyone was invited here the next day (3 kinds of chili made by 3 of us) for a ride through our local park with a ton of lights.  We raked a couple times Thurs and yesterday/Saturday - lots of leaves that didn't seem to drop til lately so we have this huge mound of leaves out in front that they've yet to suck up, and wore ourselves out cleaning up the yard.  Today the three of us went to see the new Hobbit movie - ds and I liked it a lot. He worked Fri, Sat and will work tomorrow and Tues, a few hours each day. We usually get a (late) invite from dh's brother for New Year's day; ds doesn't usually go but we do for a bit; no invite yet (not unusual; that's just what he's like).  Otherwise just doing normal chores, enjoying time off (I could get used to this...), enjoying seeing ds home for a bit (even with his crazy kitty), reading a little...


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Sun, 12-29-2013 - 9:39pm

Christmas was a lot of fun.  Besides the kids and their families, my niece and her kids came.  So we had a full house.  My great-niece is 13, and Bree thought she was there just for her.  Emily was a gracious playmate, and kept Bree occupied so we were all able to relax.  No turkey or ham; just Italian comfort food--antipasta, meatballs, sausage, ravioli, italian cookies, cake and (a nod to my heritage) kolacky.  Half my tupperware disappeared, along with the relatives, bearing leftovers.

Earlier in the year, we'd thought of going away for a bit at the end of the year, so Ed saved up some vacation.  Then Rae got pg, and we wanted to stay close, so he's been home since Xmas Eve, not going back till the 2nd.  Bree has enjoyed having Poppa home, and *I* have enjoyed not being leashed to her.  Of course, all I did was play with my new Kindle Fire.  One MORE toy to suck up my time!!  Rae is also off because school is closed.  Altho she's been living with Anthony the last 6 months, her lease is up the end of the year, so she's clearing the last of her things out, and has rested here occasionally, as she goes to & fro.

Our kids, and all our friends' kids, and all THEIR friends, are staying home NYE because everyone has kids!!  We are going out to dinner with the usual suspects.  All us old folks, going to dinner at 6, so we'll be home by 10!  New Year's day will be lazy.  Decorations will come down on 12th night.

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Mon, 12-30-2013 - 2:02am

I've been keeping busy. We spent the 26th with SIL, niece, etc. We had a very nice visit with them. Dd wanted to go out to eat for her last night so we went to a nearby restaurant that dh and I had never tried, and had a good dinner in an attractive setting so we'll be going back.

Dd left on Friday, so sad to say goodbye. Five days was just not enough time with her. At least she got a good respite from the rush and stress of her usual routine. I did some errands and puttering after the airport. On Saturday we went to visit dh's family which was an all day event with the travel. Lots of good food as always, and got a long talk with a nephew that I rarely see because he lives far away. When we got home dh realized that he had left his wallet and cell phone at his parents' house (his passport was in my purse). It took awhile to figure out how he would retrieve them---fortunately a relative was driving to Tijuana today and he arranged to meet him there. So I dropped him at the border and read in a parking lot while he crossed, got his stuff, and crossed back. So it took < 2 hrs instead of the 4+ to drive back to his parents'.

We don't party on NYE so nothing happening that night but I'll stay up until midnight to sweep out the old year and welcome the new year. Dh participates in an annual Fat Ass Run with his ultramarathoner friends on the morning of the 1st so he may not stay up late. The way we celebrate is with some traditional foods. We have a brunch of bagels with cream cheese and lox, and scrambled eggs; and for dinner we have "menudo" (more technically a white pozole). On the 30th and 31st I'll be shopping for the ingredients and accompaniments (except for the bagels which I'll get on the morning of the 1st, at my fave bagel shop 7 miles away) and probably cook the soup on the 1st because I don't have room in my fridge for the stockpot. In between the shopping I have to finish up year end stuff for the business, and try to catch up on all of the tasks that have been postponed due to spending time with family. I was hoping for a day to do nothing but doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon!