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Checking In
Wed, 03-13-2013 - 1:11am

Hi Ladies, I apologize for being MIA. I've been busy here what with my ds being here for a long weekend, and Shirley and Ray here for a few days too. We've been running around showing them some of the sights and doing a lot of eating while we're at it! We had dinner together tonight then bid them farewell, on Wednesday they return to Arizona for a few days before heading home. Its been a very nice visit for me & Enrique, and I think they have enjoyed themselves as well.

Spring has sprung here and the weeds are growing like crazy so I have a lot of weeding ahead before I can prep the planting beds for spring planting. Lots of other things to do too, inside and out. We just heard that our dd plans to be here for a few days at the end of the month so I'm looking forward to that too.

What is everybody else up to? Please check in and tell us how you're doing.

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Wed, 03-13-2013 - 11:18am

This is Spring break time in Ontario or March break as we call it here. I picked up Noah on Sun & we have been having fun with him. Everytime he visits we marvel at how much he has changed. It's more noticable when we have him alone. He is very grown up this time. He started his visit by pointing out all the changes in the house. I'm not sure yet whether they were positive or negative. We went to visit Grand Nan on Monday then ended up having to play taxi service to her, my stepdad & another woman from the retirement home Tues because Mom said it would be no trouble. I won't bore you here with her version of no trouble. lol

We have played a lot of wii, Candyland, & watched movies in between running through the house playing guns. I'm not a gun fan but learned with my boys that they will make a gun from anything so you might as well buy the toy ones & just explain the harm that real guns can cause.

The sun is shining today which makes it feel like Spring is really a week away. We will take Noah home tomorrow & then have our family dinner for Sandy's birthday. Her favourite childhood place was Red Lobster so we celebrate her birthday's there. It is always a pain for me as I don't like seafood. Fri will be a busy day as I have to check out the place for the rehearsal dinner, take my  dress for wedding in for alterations, drive back home & we have our final curling night.


PS: wish they would get the bugs out of ivillage. This is the 2nd time I have had to sign in & the 3rd attempt to post. Finally had to use reply instead of quick reply.

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Wed, 03-13-2013 - 2:44pm

(I hear you on the posting) - Spring break for ds20 here too but he's just staying at his condo, but he is coming home for dinners!  I'm super busy at work but in 'hurry up and wait' mode on a few things so...  Somehow I got myself sucked into watching the Jodi Arias trial so I spend far too much time with that in the evenings (dh hates it all - he just wants them to string her up).  We watched Argo 2 nights ago (heavy) and then most of Flight last night (heavier to me; can't relate to people into drinking and drugs like that), I'm reading one book, listening to another, have vb tonight, and otherwise enjoying the later light in the evenings but NOT going to work in the dark again!  Today's high is 43 (38 now), tomorrow is 63 - usual weird up and down weather here.  Not much growing yet; worried if it would, it'd get nipped anyway.  Seeing some bulbs coming up...hoping they'll be ok.  Still working on getting a good evaluation of our roof before we pay a ton for a new one, just in case we can claim some on insurance beyond the little they think we can (the roofer figured we'd get the whole thing paid for, the insurance co says we'll give you $650 - um, that's a whole new small car of difference!).  Cuddling with crazy kitties when they're willing.


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Wed, 03-13-2013 - 5:43pm

  Today was Stephanie's second chemo.  Day started out pretty sucky.  Found out there was a miscommincation between her and her surgeon.  She does have the gene mutation.  DH and I are being tested next month on the same day they do her next chemo since we will already be there.  From what the doctor says since Stephanie has  the mutation it almost certain that DH or I do also, but it could just be a fluke.  If DH or I have it then there is a 50% chance of the other DDs having it.

  Aside from that the morning went well.  Stephanie was in good spirits. It was the first time DH and I saw her since her hair fell out.  I was worried ahead of time that it would freak me out but it did not in the least.   She was still my Stephanie.

  When she was in college she used to buy Princess fruit snacks, she insisted that they tasted better then all the rest, even though we told her they were all the same thing just in different molds.  So I wanted to buy them for her, found out that they are no longer being made but I found some one Amazon.  Put a smile on her face.  I did not tell her that I bought 6 boxes so she has 5 more coming to her.

  She has been wearing wigs to work all week.  Some of her customers have been complimenting her on her new hairdo.  DH told her she should freak them out and change her wigs (she has two, one long hair and one short hair) throughout the day. 

 The weather is really warming up we will be in the 70-80 the next week.

  DD3 just posted on Facebook about a 5K for cancer research that her office will have a team in.  I will be joining her.  I run occassionly 1-1.5 miles so I could probably do it now but do want to get in a little bit better shape before hand.  It is May 4th so I have a bit of time. 

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Thu, 03-14-2013 - 12:32pm

Checking in from SNOWY South-eastern Ontario-Spring seems to have taken a wrong turn somewhere! Not a lot of new snow on the ground-only a couple centimeters-but any  is TOO MUCH! Oh Well-I should be thankful for a warm house & adequate clothing...

'Nester-that is quite the miscommunication or misunderstanding with the surgeon. What a worry for you & for the other girls.

We went to see Adam's Cardiologist on Monday. We had an appointment in April-but got told that was not soon enough to evaluate the differences in his heart after the seizures & medication changes. Alas-we got there & found out that his dr had gone on a skiing holiday-we are very persnickity-refuse to see any of the other drs at the clinic. (His heart defect/correction is very unusual-too often they see him  as "an interesting case-good teaching tool". Which means new tests so he can be used at the Medical School. And we agreed to that until he became strictly palliative-& those cause him pain/discomfort) So we left-& we will return to the next clinic for "Adults with Congenital Heart Defects" April!

Adam does not get March Break off-so we both went in on Tuesday, he'll go tomorrow as well. In other words-same old/same old.



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Sat, 03-16-2013 - 1:11pm

We are back home in somewhat (still) snowy and chilly Calgary.  What a switch from the sunny cloudless skies and 95 F. temperature we left back in Yuma yesterday and the few days prior!  I was just working on getting a good tan base - and well, now that's going to fade away pretty quickly here.  I would have needed a few more days to have a decent tan. 

We had a great time on our trip.  Let me just say that any trip where I don't have to do housework or prepare meals is a great one!  And to boot, we had beautiful sunny warm or hot weather and had a lovely time visiting with our friends in Yuma and Elspeth and Enrique in San Diego.  We went on a trip to a desert south and east of San Diego with Enrique and Elspeth on Sunday.  We took an easy walking hike through a desert park area and saw all kinds of cacti and desert wild flowers blooming.  That's pretty exotic landscape stuff for us folks. 

We also enjoyed a day out on Monday with Elspeth in the San Diego area (Enrique had to work, so unfortunately he couldn't join us).  I never tire of seeing the beautiful trees and other foliage growing in San Diego area which are so so different from anything that grows in Canada pretty much. And the ocean!  We spent a full day (Tuesday) in La Jolla (stayed there overnight two nights) and got to walk by the sea.  However, we both agreed that it was not quite as much time as we would have liked.  We left the next day early on to return to our friends in Yuma as we had plans for all of us to drive to the U.S. Mexican border to park and walk over to the town of Algodones (Algadones?sp?) for an afternoon there.  Which we did.  It was kind of a fun afternoon there, eating out, having Margaritas in an outdoor restaurant and shopping for a few souvenirs at the many booths on the streets.  I found that it was a tad disappointing to see that most of the stuff sold was much the same from one booth to another and not all of the best quality.  But I did buy a couple of pieces of silver jewelry and a hand painted little bowl.  

It all went rather too quickly and well, it's back to the routine here now.  Our Calgary friends in Yuma plan to rent the same place next winter so we may have another opportunity to go south to visit them, and maybe the next time we'll take a bit more time to spend there.  Ray was wondering about renting a place somewhere around San Diego in April (presumably the weather will be that much warmer by then?).  We know the summer kind of heat mostly is in Arizona during the winter months, but we are partial to spending time by the I guess we'd have to vacation during April or so to get the warmer weather in the San Diego area?  Anyway all to be determined if we do that next year. 

Well, it's back to doing laundry and grocery shopping now.  Back to work for Ray on Monday too.  I hope spring weather is not too far away!  At least it didn't snow hardly at all here while we were away.  But you never know what's coming around the corner, here!