Did you remember?

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Did you remember?
Sun, 03-09-2014 - 1:25pm

To set your clock ahead an hour last night? 

I really am feeling that I lost an hour today. First I slept much later than I would have liked. Now, I'm looking at the light outside and thinking that its still early but the clock says otherwise. In the summer I like having the sun up until late but at this time of year (when I probably won't be gardening at sunset) it doesn't matter....it just makes it harder to think about fixing dinner at a decent hour lol. 

Does it take you a few days to adjust to the time changes in spring and fall? 

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Sun, 03-09-2014 - 2:08pm

Remembered. Not looking forward to getting up at 5:30 tomorrow when it'll still feel like 4:30.

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Sun, 03-09-2014 - 2:33pm

No, we did not remember to change our clocks.   When I got up our clocks said 7:00.   I was up for a lttle while doing some things, then got on my computer which said   9:00, I was thinking that it did not seem like I had  been up 2 hours, duh, that is because it ws only one hour.   

It deos take  me a while to get adjust to the time change.  I am pretty regular in my meals and I am not hungry at the "right" time.   The sleep thing is less of an issue in the falll than in the spring. I am an early riser.  During DST I usally wake up aroound 6:00 but  during standard around 5:00. 

I do like having more daylight in the evening but miss having it in the morning. 

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Sun, 03-09-2014 - 2:42pm

We went around last night changing all the clocks-as soon as I put them to 11-I felt more tired than when they were at 10! And it really makes no difference to me-when the Pugs began their snuffling it was 8, not 7 & I was okay with that!

Just as a side-bar comment-I saw Rob Ford (Toronto's infamous mayor)'s Twitter where he reminded the good citizens of his city to set their clocks back an hour last night! The man is a total moron-as someone said "Only he would say "Spring Back, Fall Forward".