Dreading another snowstorm...

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Dreading another snowstorm...
Wed, 02-12-2014 - 11:03am

At this point, my back & muscles are OK (I think).  Taking a break today & I know I'll be stuck at home tomorrow.  Briefly, I've been spending my time digging my car out of the ice from last week's storms.  I've had to work shoveling my husband's car out 1st while my car sat frozen in ice.  It was soft snow originally but froze over.  Anyway, the issue here at home is since dh is a teacher & earns a steady paycheck, his car has priority over mine.  Remember I'm i real estate & can work from home + I work on commission - not regular salary.  So, between the two of us, his attitude is I can deal with buyers & sellers in between the storms - AFTER I dig my car out.  Hate to say it, but I do agree with him - after all, how many times can a teacher call out & get a substitute?  The irony is here in the suburbs of NYC, ALL public & private schools are closed every time it snows more than 2 inches.  In New York City - the opposite happens - schools remain open until it snows more than 5 inches.  In other words, if it starts snowing early in the morning but doesn't get to 5 inches until after school starts, the kids still have to go to school & then later the schools can decide to close or not.  New York City doesn't believe in taking days off.  And of course, my husband works for the New York City school system - not the suburbs.

This winter has been unbelievable here in NYC's suburbs.  And of course I'm the one doing 80 - 90% of the shoveling because dh has a bad back & goes to a chiropractor regularly.  I'm the one with a strong back & muscles, so I'm dreading tonight & tomorrow's storm.  AND I JUST FINISHED getting my car out of ice yesterday - working on it little by little.  Hammering away at the ice with the shovel.  I apologize if I haven't posted recently, but now you know why.

At this point, I am dreaming of a warm Caribbean vacation relaxing on some resort getaway.  Instead, dh is off next week & we'll be spending next week working on income taxes.  I may have to work on my car too - who knows.  And worse yet - Just read in the news Toyota is recalling all Prius's from 2009 - 2014 - my car is a 2012.  

Needing some cocktail to erase my misery.  My Valentine's wish this year - that Caribbean island getaway - forget chocolates & flowers.


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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 11:18am

Just to add - I'm getting phone calls to schedule appts. for this afternoon because it will start snowing tonight and nobody is going out tomorrow.


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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 11:38am

I know I don't normally post on this board (I can't say I have ever seen this so I need to bookmark) but I saw your post and had to drop in and reply. My area is under a watch for winter weather and I am so over this. My drive is so icy that it is going to take days of warmer weather to thaw. I know they are saying that possibly next week things may setting down here but in the meantime, we sit and wait for another storm.

I too would love a Caribbean vacation.


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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 12:18pm

I live near Boston & I am very sick of winter too.  I am hoping they are right that tomorrow my area (near the coast) will get more rain--the past few storms have been more snow on the coast and less toward Boston.  Since it has been so cold since the last storm, none of the snow has melted and I am sick of driving around piles of snow.  My Dd is the lucky one going on a Caribbean vacation--she is a nurse and she is going w/ her BF.  I have no money for a vacation. :(  

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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 2:40pm

I'm surprised that your building doesn't have a parking lot.  That's one of the reasons for being in the 'burbs.  Better parking!  And as much as you said there are no kids in the area enterprising enough to shovel to make a few bucks, then you should look for a handyman.  Here, there are always notices in the local paper, in the church bulletin, and on the board at the local stores.  Push comes to shove, your condo building must have someone who shovels the sidewalks.  Ask what he would charge to do your car.

We, here in Chicagoland, have had it as bad as anyone.  We've had 62 inches of snow so far this winter, and more 0 and sub-zero days than any winter over the past 143 years.  I am tired of the snow and cold also, but still and all, it's WINTER.  What do you expect? 

Schools around here have missed 5 days so far, more due to the cold than the snow.  The schools don't want want kids waiting on busses, or walking to school, in -20F REAL temps.  Both suburban and city schools build in 4 or 5 "snow" days per year.  More than that, they have to make up at the end of the school year, so NO schools close unless it's EXTREMELY dangerous.  3 inches of snow doesn't count. 

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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 4:12pm

I KNOW its Winter-it's been winter for one heck of a long time. It doesn't mean we have to like it! We have to have our driveway plowed out-we pay someone to do it with his truck & plow, plus sometimes another neighbour will come down with his tractor & scoop up the layers of ice that the truck cannot move. Our driveway is very long-up from the road, goes back down to the road (like a very wide mouthed U)with room for 3 cars at the top plus a double car garage to the side. One car goes in the garage, the Mule in the other side of the garage.

And I think we are to have another storm tomorrow too-I keep thinking that the sun is here longer, surely it will be warm soon too! Not yet-but maybe soon?

I agree-a Caribean holiday would be great. But first, we need to sell the house. And we can't even list it until the blasted snow is gone & the greening has begun! So I'm with everyone who knows it's Winter-but who says ENOUGH already-it's been wintery since early November. Let's begin with Spring!


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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 5:17pm

Yes, the eastern part of Canada and north eastern U.S. has been getting a lot of snow this year.  It's been years since I lived back east (where I originally come from) and here in southern Alberta we've been having a mixed sort of winter.  Snow came early enough, and a lot of snow - November to December.  Then it 'warmed up' in January.  It was lovely...a lot of above freezing temperatures and not a lot of snowfall.  Now in February it's been awfully cold - very frigid temperatures but finally we are going to get temps above the zero (freezing for Celsius) mark beginning today.  Snowfall  hasn't been plentiful this month so far but when we get closer to spring (like March and April) we can get snowfall instead of rain. 

Ray and I are going south this mid-March...to Arizona and San Diego!  For two weeks.  It's going to feel so nice...assuming that it will be nicely sunny and hot (not too hot, I hope...but how can I complain?).  LOL. Sorry if I made anyone envious!


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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 8:48pm

No Carribean vacation for me. I would be bored... I hate the heat and I burn very easily. I was never one to sit on a beach, even when I was young. Now, if the place had museums and places of historical interest, I might be interested. We (DH & I) will never be snowbirds even though we have the money.

I don't mind winter. And we don't have anyone to clear our driveway (other than us) plus no showblower.  And we have a double car driveway, long enough to fit two and half cars. We (the three of us) just get out there with the shovels to clear the driveway, walk, deck at the back, back patio and dog run.

My attitide is that it is a waste of energy to worry about or complain about something you just cannot change. There are some winters that are colder than others. There are some winters that have higher snow falls than others. It is what it is. It is winter.

This winter has been colder than the last few winters but we have had colder winters. And we have had winters with more snow. 

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Wed, 02-12-2014 - 10:12pm

Kathy, it sounds like you have lots of company! 

Let's try to put a positive spin on it: all of this shoveling is sculpting your upper arms and back, and is a good form of low-impact cardio. Instead of thinking "how many days until spring" try "how many days do I have to get my arms looking good in a sundress". Because sundress season will roll around again, whether we're ready or not!

I take it your building doesn't have covered parking? I suppose that's just one more roof to cave in when a lot of snow and ice accumulate on it. Maybe you could pay one of those retired neighbors to dig out the cars for you LOL.

Hoping for you that they are wrong about the storm and you don't get as much snow as predicted.

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Fri, 02-14-2014 - 7:34am

Update - yesterday my building finally got a bulldozer truck to remove all the snow in both parking lots!!  YIPEEEE!!!  No shoveling yesterday for me.  All of us had to remove our cars & park it on the street while the bulldozer plowed.  For those of you who asked - previously, the building doesn't have its own bulldozer, we had a plow truck who did an average job in the lot but not the greatest.  We are responsible for shoveling our own parking spaces only.  Anyway, this time the bulldozer did it for us.  As far as getting a handyman or anybody for that matter to shovel out my parking space, it doesn't pay for anybody to come here.  They will charge $100. just to shovel out 1 parkig spot - not worth my money & we have 2 cars = $200.  Besides, these handymen can make more money shoveling out parking lots, driveways, etc.  This is NYC suburbs and these guys are hustlers.  They know for every snowfall, they can charge whatever they want because businesses and people with money need them.

Looking forward to warmer weather next week - temps will be in the 40's.  Baby, bring it on!